Sequels, Prequels, and Other Books

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• C O N F I D E N T •
prequel to Shy

Brooklyn Fox's parents are going through an ugly divorce. They decide to ship Brooklyn off to a small town to live with her cousin. A new face is a rare occurrence in this town and Brooklyn's confident and bubbly personality doesn't go amiss.
She catches the attention of a dark, brooding bad boy and with this new found attention comes secrets.
From both him and her.

If you like Harry and Brooke then check this story out !

• D E F E A T E D •
sequel to Shy

In a town controlled by fear, Indianna is trying to find a way to survive.
The only goal is to take down Rogue, but with him growing stronger everyday it seems impossible.
How can Indianna deal with new people, new challenges, the loss of a mate and a pregnancy, as well as a brother who wants to control the werewolf world and hurt everyone she cares about?
In the end, who will be defeated, her or Rogue?

Want to see what happens to Indianna and everyone else, check this story out !


• D A I S Y •

"You're so easy to rile up," Eli shrugged and ducked a punch from me. "It's funny watching you get angry, princess."
  "Princess?" I growled and deflected his punch. "Can't you just leave me the fuck alone!"

  "You're the one who started this," Eli defended himself. "I didn't charge at you with a knife!"
  "You stole my sandwich!"
  Daisy wasn't your average girl. She was a trained killer. Give her a target and she could come up with multiple ways to end the target's life. After a failed escape attempt from the world she grew up in she has to get used to being back to the world of training, guns and death.
  Throw in a boy or two that both drive Daisy mental, a sarcastic attitude, lots of drama and a mission that may turn Daisy back into the assassin she used to be and you've got a pretty hectic story.

Want a story with a quick witted, sarcastic, strong female lead and a lot of excitement, drama, and of course boys ? Check Daisy out !

• B L A C K A R R O W •

The Black Arrow pack spread fear throughout the werewolf world. Their existence was the reason for children's nightmares.

Ella's not happy when her pack has to move there.

Especially when she meets a dark, cold, brutal Alpha that wants control in every way.

How does she go about fighting him ?
"Just think of the things I could get you to do with my touch," Black whispered, trailing his finger down Ella's cheek. She bit her lip and squeezed her eyes shut. "I could have you bent over one knee and you wouldn't complain."

Ella's eyes flew open and she looked at Black's blank expression.

"I could make you scream my name in pleasure, and pain."

The struggle of power and equality between two polar opposites. Don't read if dominant, controlling and powerful men aren't your cup of tea !

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