Teach Me (Jeno)

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Jeno and you were best friends.  Maybe best was an understatement.  You'd known each other since middle school.  To be honest, you were awful at making friends.  It was back in middle school where the principal was welcoming all the sixth graders when you had laid down the loudest most atrocious sneeze known to mankind.  Everyone had laughed, but only the boy sitting next to you had said "bless you".  That boy was Jeno.  

Jeno, on the other hand, was great at making friends.  In the first week of high school, Jeno had found a group of friends that he called his Dream Buddies.  Anyways, you occasionally hung out with his group but didn't really know them too well.  But even though Jeno's friends barely knew you, they had already deciphered that you had the biggest crush on Jeno possible.

"Ugh, I can't do it, dude.  My sense of balance is crap," you muttered, kicking your hoverboard aside, and Jeno only laughed at your actions.  

"Y/N, how can you give up so easily?  You never give up," Jeno said.  "Plus, if you want, I could teach you."

"You could?  Well, why didn't you say anything earlier, dummy?!  Did you not just see me fall on my butt a million times?  Lee freaking Jeno, what the heckkkk!!!!!"

Jeno smirked, and you were taken aback.  Your best friend was usually cute, quiet, and shy.  Why was he smirking?  And why was his smirking not illegal?  Your heart was thumping so fast.  "I'll teach you, if you teach me-"

"Deal," you said before he could finish his sentence.  "Okay, now teach me.  I have to ace the hoverboard for the hoverboard olympics competition going down at the end of the week.  I just wanted to try something new and be athletic at something that didn't seem like it required skill. 

"Chill, dude.  I got you.  Okay, stand on the hoverboard.  Don't worry about falling because I'll catch you."

Makes me want to fall you thought before cautiously setting your right foot on your board before hopping on, the device whirring to life.  Immediately, you began panicking as you jolted forwards then backwards, the hoverboard swerving so badly, even Jeno was ducking out of the way.

"See what I mean?" you screamed before Jeno placed his arms on your waist, steadying you. 

"Told you, I'd catch you.  Alright, now stop shaking your hips.  You're throwing more than just the hoverboard off.  Anyways, just stay calm and tilt your feet forward and backwards slowly to move."  Jeno worked with you all afternoon, and you barely noticed when the sun started setting.  Finally, you left the park you were practicing at, Jeno insisting he would walk you home.  You weren't complaining, though.  

"Hey, so what did you want me to teach you?" you said out of breath, your face red from your practice session.

Jeno raised an eyebrow.  "Well, I'm in the school play, and I'm Prince Charming, and I have to kiss, and I have to kiss Snow White, and, um, I've never really kissed anyone before.  I thought maybe you could help me.  Teach me?"

You nearly choked on air.  WHAT DID HE JUST SAY?  TEACH YOU HOW TO KISS HIM?  WELL.  "Um, if you haven't already noticed, I'm the most single person you've ever seen, so I, too, have never had the experience.  I'm the wrong person, dude.  Looks like Snow White is just gonna sleep for a couple hundred more years."

Jeno shook his head as you unlocked the door of your house.  Your parents were out of town with your sister at her national bowling championships, which meant you had the house to yourself.  Don't worry.  You were responsible...

"Did you want to come inside and grab something to eat?" you asked, and Jeno shrugged.  As soon as you closed the door, Jeno grabbed your wrist, turning you around and pushing you against the door.

Oh crapppppp malfunctioning your mind spiraled downwards.  

"Y/N, you made a deal.  You're teaching me."  He hesitated for a second before adding a soft, "please", and you felt bad for him.  Jeno was a little fluff ball.  Even if he didn't show it, he was probably freaking the heck out over this kiss scene.  And you were about to pass out from yours.  But if it would help him, it was worth it.

"Alright, I'll help you even though I have no clue what I'm doing."

Jeno slowly slipped his hand into yours, pulling you to the sofa while he explained the scene to you in detail.  You were Snow White and had to lay down and pretend to be sleeping, or something like that.  Honestly, you were only paying attention to the part where he kissed you.  

"Alright, you ready?" he asked, and you nodded, assuming your position and closing your eyes.

You felt one of his hands caress the side of your face while the other intertwined your fingers with his own.  Suddenly, you felt Jeno softly place his lips over yours, nothing but warmth and sparks flying as you kissed him back, the two of you suddenly knowing exactly what to do.  Jeno pulled away for a second, grinning before going in again.  Well that wasn't in the script.

"Too bad you're not Snow White.  Too bad I'm not even in the play," Jeno smiled.

Your eyes widened.  "Say what now?  You're what?!  You're NOT in the play?!!!!!!  JENO!"

"Come on, we both know you liked it," Jeno teased you, making you blush so hard, you looked like a cherry bomb.

"Well-" you began, but Jeno cut you off.

"I liked it, too, if you were wondering.  I just didn't know a better way to confess my emotions to you, to be honest.  That was the best I could come up with."

"I think you did well, Prince Charming."

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