Prompt #18

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                Prompt: Oh my god Beckett babysitting Angelo and Kian because no one else could and they legit just mess with him because Brennan taught them well xD

                A.N.- Angelo and Kian are from the prompts of Brennan and Leon having kids together, for anyone who didn't know


                "I can't believe I'm leaving my precious children with Beckett Townsend," Brennan said.

                "Precious? Yesterday you tried to trade Kian to the ice cream man for three popsicles," Leon said in patient exasperation.

                "I aimed a little too high. Maybe a popsicle and a half would've worked," Brennan said.

                "Beckett will be fine with the boys, Bren. His own kids are still alive. And he watches Kaz's kids all the time," Leon said.

                "But these are our kids," Brennan said. "Beckett's never babysat for them before. Why did your stupid parents have to take a trip out of town? Why did my stupid parents have to be busy?"

                "We could've asked Adam," Leon said.

                "Beckett it is!" Brennan said.

                The doorbell rang and he went to answer it. Beckett stood there, looking less than enthused to be here.

                "Leon warned me you raised your kids to teamwork to get what they want when you two aren't around," Beckett said, stepping into the house.

                "I did no such thing," Brennan said. He let out a sigh and held his hand out to Beckett. "Thanks for watching them for us. We were worried we were actually going to have to ask Adam if you couldn't."

                Beckett shook his hand. "I'd hate to let the Constance cycle continue."

                Leon came out and offered Beckett a tired smile. "Have fun with them, Beck. Numbers are on the fridge if anything happens."

                "Have them in bed by their bedtime. No exceptions," Brennan said sternly, taking Leon's arm and leading him out the door. "Have fun!"

                Beckett shut the door and locked it before heading into the house. He went upstairs and to Angelo's room, where both boys were sitting.

                "Uncle Beck!" Kian said.

                "Hi, Uncle Beckett," Angelo greeted with a polite smile.

                Beckett didn't trust the kid one bit. "Hey. What are you guys doing?"

                "I want to see a yo-yo trick," Kian said, turning his attention on Beckett. "Can I, please?"

                Beckett pulled out his yo-yo and Kian clapped eagerly as he watched Beckett perform some tricks with it. Even Angelo seemed amazed by it, nudging his little brother and nodding in excitement.

                But Beckett didn't notice the moment Kian scooted closer. He tried to hastily pull the yo-yo away, but it hit Kian in the leg before he could stop it.

                "Ow!" Kian cried, pulling his leg against his chest. He pressed his face against his knee, shoulders shaking. "That hurt!" he sobbed.

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