Chapter 7 - Spa Day?

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Chapter 7 – Spa Day?

Evelyn's POV


The Bursar was there with an amazing setting behind her.

"Have fun girls!" Miss Modika exclaimed through the door before closing it and pushing the cabinet back.

"What first?" the Bursar asked.

Isn't she a mute?


"Aren't you a mute?" Cira asked the question I was wondering myself.

"When I'm out there I have to keep up the act, you three girls have just discovered out school's biggest secret."

"So you only talk down here?" Acacia pondered.

"Yes. That's right."

"So that way if we blabbed about it people wouldn't believe us?"

"Correct Evelyn!" she smiled.

"This has been a weird day..." Acacia trailed off.

"So we best get you guys cleaned up, especially of your hair and hand Evelyn. Acacia how did that get on your school clothes?"

"You know what happened up there?" Cira wondered aloud.

"Yes, actually I do."

"How?!" we all said in unison.

"Well another one of the schools secrets is hidden cameras. The control room can be entered under the reception desk and mine." How many secrets does this school have, and why do we need to know about them??!

"Well the last secret is me not being mute, but that's not that important.... You don't really need to know about them but since I'm answering your questions and Miss Modika shoved you in here..." she trailed off.

"Did I just think out loud?" I was just thinking I didn't mean for any sound to come out. Acacia is looking at me disbelievingly, I have the same feeling.

"Ok. Let's get cleaned up!" The Bursar smiled.

"Before we start can we know your name?" Cira, Cira, Cira. Full of questions today are we?

"My name is Alexia"

"That's such a pretty name!" Cira squealed.

"Thank God for sound proof walls. We need to make a start on getting you cleaned up! Miss Modika will be here in 45 minutes, you can go get changed in one of those rooms." She pointed to the small white cubicles on the other side of the room.

We each grabbed a suit and hopped in the small cubicle closing the door. I stripped down, pulling the two pieces on.

It was made up of a white spurts top and black bike pants; the material was water proof and comfy.

It didn't cover much more than was necessary. I quickly wrapped my white towel around myself then unlocked the door to see the quaint white room again.

Cira was already out but Acacia's door was still locked.

The bur- Alexia was getting a massage table ready and turning, twisting and flicking knobs that controlled the spa in the middle.

I saw bubbles, lights and soaps all different colours and sizes, it was beautiful.

Acacia was taking an awfully long time. What could she be doing?

"Eve. Eve. Hello? Eve?"