Chapter I

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Hello, It's my first time writing a story, I hope you will like it.. I really need your comments so that I could improve my writing skills. God Bless.. 



“Help! Michael, help me! I’m drowning. Mom! Save me! Michael! Michael!”

                17 year old Michael Smith opened his eyes. Indeed he was crying again from the bad dream. He never forgot every single detail that happened a year ago. His gleaming blue orbs searched the room looking for the presence of his dear young sister who wakes him up every morning.

                “Help ! Michael!” the sentence rings into his head. He began to weep. If only he saved his sister, if only he helped her, if only he was not an idiot then she might still be living right now. His chest hurt, he lost his sister, his one and only sister.

                The painful memory began to creep into him once more.

                They were having a picnic in their grandmother’s place. It was just any ordinary day for their family until a tragic accident suddenly happened. No one expected it coming.

                “Michael, come here!” called the 5 year old Lily Smith, Michael’s sister. “I have found a very rare thing.” She pulled her brother’s hand.

                “What is it again Lily?” he asked irritably, Michael hates it when he is being dragged like that by his sister.

                Lily led Michael at the back of the house of their grandmother. “Whoa!” exclaimed Michael. Lily found a very beautiful river that stretched widely, the water was so clear and clean.

                “See? I told you it’s beautiful” smiled Lily childishly, “Don’t tell mom okay?” she whispered.

                Michael patted her head, “Good job Lily, let’s go inside now okay?” Michael pulled Lily’s arm but she just stood there looking at the river. “Lily?”'

                Lily, as if came back to her senses, she yawned loudly, “Alright Michael,”

Evening came; all of them were gathered at the small dining room. They sat at their own designated chairs. 

                “Michael, why don’t you say a prayer before eating,” said their grandmother.

                Michael gulped, he never actually prayed during meals. Before he could decline, Lily butted in.

                “Grandma, Michael is a coward, so I’ll do it for him!” she said joyfully, Michael looked at him angrily.

                “Alright Lily,” said their grandmother, Michael sighed with relief.

                They hold each other’s hands tightly. Then Lily started to pray, “Dear God, we adore and praise Your name, Lord, we thank you for this night. Dear God, we thank you for  the food that is served which will give us the strength, bless grandma so that she could climb the stairs again, bless also mom and dad  so that they will not spank me, This is all we ask, In Jesus name- Oh, bless also my dear older brother, Amen.”

                Lily, saw them staring at her curiously. “What’s wrong?” she asked them.

                “Nothing sweetie, we were just surprised that you could pray like that” smiled her mother.