Abigail is a blind psychic and the man she loves is a vampire

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Chapter 1

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Chapter 1

She hadn't been born blind. No, the fire had caused it. All she had now was two useless pale blue orbs in her head, there for people to stare at. Her eyes saw nothing.

Except for auras. Colors in a world of black. She recognized colors; she loved colors.

She knew that her hair was a dark red like her mother's had been. It was shorter in the back, slowly falling forward with wisps hiding her face. Her eyes had been dark blue like the night sky until the fire had dulled them. She knew she was tall and willowy with pale skin.

Some might have called her beautiful- at least until they saw what she hid behind her hair.

A long white scar ran from the bottom of her forehead, across her left eye, and stopped mid-cheek.

Since one of her five senses had disappeared, her sixth one had kicked in. She could see people's auras, an electromagnetic field that surrounds every human and animal. They told her the gender of the person and what he or she was like. If that person was really open, she could catch glimpses of their thoughts and feelings.

Most of the time she found clear red, which meant competitive and energetic, or bright pink, meaning sensitivity and artistic, or orange red, which was confidence.

At least until she met him.

Sixteen-year-old Abigail Devon froze when she felt a new aura walk into the classroom. Her useless pale eyes froze on the door, trying to catch the colors of the person.

Her heart skipped a beat. She had never seen so many colors before!

He had every single red and orange imaginable, a few yellow, one green, and... black.

She'd never met someone with a black aura before, but she knew it meant someone who had a long history of not being able to forgive. But the color that disturbed her the most was the murky pink surrounding his head. It meant a dishonest nature. This was someone to stay away from.

But she found herself drawn to the stranger, and wondered who he was.

Jade Thorne was a vampire. A sharp fanged, blood-drinking, night-loving vampire. Of course, the sunlight didn't burn him. It was uncomfortable on his sensitive eyes, but he wouldn't burst into flames. Whenever he went out, he had to have his sunglasses, which he now removed from the top of his head.

He surveyed the classroom, quickly skimming over the curious faces. The girls were staring at him, admiring his straight, feathery, black hair with the bangs falling in front of his smoky gray eyes. He smiled at the elderly Mrs. Fawn who had turned towards him, blinking large eyes behind thick glasses. She may have been old, but she was still sharp.

"Hello. You must be Jade?" she asked, and seemed satisfied with his nod. "Well, why don't you sit in the back with Abigail." She pointed, handed him a book, and turned back to teaching.

He walked towards the girl she had named Abigail. The exotic redhead was looking at the board, but she didn't seem to really be seeing it. She was staring into space, but he knew she was at full attention.

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