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"Um.. what was it that you wanted to tell me?"

"Do you want to go solo?"

I was shocked.

"W-what?" I looked up.

"It's only temporary. BTS will be temporarily disbanded for a year."

"I don't understand...."
and we've also been preparing so hard for the September comeback.....

"That's what the dealship was about. BTS will no longer continue with their career for 1 year. You had to come today in the morning because of that. And speak as a representative for them. We observed how much your love was for your hyungs. And decided you would be out best choice."

I kept silent.

"You missed the meeting. And we made a deal with the other company that you would go solo if BTS was disbanded ." He paused. "So tell me, Jungkook-ssi, do you want to go solo?"

"Animida, PD-nim."

"Why? I'll give you time to think about it. But you'll eventually have to give an answer by tonight."
"But my answer is still no."

"See... It's for you own good. I'm telling you."

I go out of the room after the talk with PD-nim.

I don't want to go solo. But PD- nim wouldn't listen. He just kept on asking me to give a thought about it.

I really don't know. I can't leave the hyungs.

I meet them in the practice room.

"Hyungs! Did he say something?" I ask.

"The news was quite upsetting.... BTS is going to disband soon, that's what he said." Namjoon hyung said, with this head down.

"That's what he said to me too." I say leaving the part about going solo.

We return to our normal schedule.

But all of us were upset.

BTS was my life... I couldn't give up on them...

Now we had nothing to do knowing that our group was to be disbanded soon.
Everything was my fault.

All our hard work gone into waste....

We head back to the dorm.

We were all jobless there in the dorm.

I get a message from PD-nim.

He wants me to meet him tonight at 9pm and give him my answer. Address .... is that in a hotel? He also says to dress well since we are going to meet some important people?
It was already 7pm. So I got ready.

When I stepped out, the hyungs were all staring at me.

"Are you going somewhere?" Jin hyung asks me.

"Yes. PD-nim wants to meet me."

"At this hour?" Jimin hyung asks.
"Yes he says it's important."

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