[1] Comet disaster

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A long ago, there were so genius scientists, who knew that earth is going to die by crashing with a comet, they should have to do something for earth protection.

They thought to make a big creature which will destroy that comet and the earth will be secure. Then one of the scientist Michel thought to make a deer robot, they will fill many powers in that creature's antlers. They struggled for about 10 years for making that creature.

Then they finally made full structure of that deer, They were so proud that they will destroy comet from that deer. They have given that news to the whole public for our protection.

Every one knew about that giant deer. Many of the peoples come for visiting to see that deer which was about so much big. They put bombs, rockets, eye laser machine in settings in deer's brain. 

They put many dangerous things in it, they didn't knew that it will consider as side effect in robot. 

When the comet was on the way coming to crash with earth. They on their robot by their remote control room which was made up from mirrors, the robot awake. It's eyes were light blue and when it will leave a big laser line. Its eyes will turn into red. The comet was in the way, they make it stood by robot control. 

The science lab was like that:

Many scientists checked it's brain control system

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Many scientists checked it's brain control system. The deer stood on his legs, it was perfectly ready for destroying the comet to save the earth. 

The comet becomes appeared from the earth, all peoples were looking robot with hope. They turned robot to the comet, they saw many options like:

1) Apply Rockets.

2) Destroy comet by lasers.

3) Use antlers power.

Other options..

They didn't wanted to waste their spent money on rockets, lasers and other materials. They took the option of her legs to throw the comet by his legs.

When comet crashed with the deer, deer saved the earth and it fell down to the floor.

The scientists were very happy that they have protected the earth from being die. They came in news that they'ave made a robot who has saved the earth. They become very famous in the earth and most of the peoples were coming to visit that laboratory and to see that robot.

They wanted to recover the robot, they gone inside the robot by mouth and michel checked that the things are okay? they all were fine but it's brain was so little damaged. They didn't knew that the comet had destroyed the brain controller system, they came out and said that the robot is alright, non of the part is damaged. They were so careless that they had forgot to check brain controller settings.

Then they awoke the robot deer again to become more famous in the world and to protect earth from every comet and every dangerous thing.

The deer awoke like the monster's do, deer firstly took his front legs up then he stood by his feet.

The scientists became amazed, because they hadn't saw these changes before. The manager thought that his workers have put some senses, while checking. He gave rewards to his workers.

The worker began to think that why would their manager have given them reward, they remains silent because they didn't want that the manager will take rewards back. 

When they were looking at the deer, the deer sight was that:

                                                                                                          To be continued

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                                                                                                          To be continued....

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