Part 13

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Unknown Number: Morning
Jack: Who are you? Bella did you add this guy to the chat?
Bella: No I didn't
Jack: Then how did he join?!
Unknown Number: I invited myself in
Jack: You can't do that!!
Bella: Did you assume it's gender?
Jack: Geez.
Unknown Number: I'm not male.
Jack: Sorry miss
Unknown Number: I'm not female either.
Bella: Y'what?
Jack: Oh are you trans?
Unknown Number: No
Jack: Anyways, how did you join?!
Unknown Number: I've already said.
Jack: You can't do that though!
Bella: Jack, I think he's a hacker...
Unknown Number: Goodness your girlfriend is smart isn't she?
Jack: She's isn't my girlfriend...
Unknown Number: You sure?
Bella: Yes. I'm quite sure. Now, who are you?
Unknown Number: Your worst nightmare.
Jack: Haha. I bet your just Shawn pranking us 😒
Unknown Number: You'll pay for that.
Bella: I gtg.
Unknown Number: Is it because a vase smashed in the Living Room?
Bella: How do you know..? 😨
Unknown Number: Because that was me. And Jack, did your toilet just flush? That was also me.
Jack: What are you talking about?! That was probably my Dad.
Bella: But how does he know about it..? 😓
Jack: Coincidence. Anyone could have guessed the toilet had just flushed.
Bella: But the vase??
Jack: Also coincidence... 😐
Unknown Number: Jack, your Mum's cooking Chicken Curry. Am I right?
Jack: Get away from us. 😠
Unknown Number: Did you hear a tap on the window, Bella?
Bella: Yes. It was a bird. 🐥
Unknown Number: Hah! How cute. No it was me.
Bella: No it wasn't!! GO AWAY PLEASE!
Unknown Number: Don't believe me? Check for yourself.
Jack: Don't! It's a trick! Leave the room. Escape.
Bella: AAHHH
Unknown Number: Boo
Jack: Bella?
Jack: Let her go. 😑
Unknown Number: She's mine now.
Bella: I'm there's now.
Jack: I've called the police. 😈 they'll come to get you.
Unknown Number: How sweet.
Bella: They'll never catch us.
Jack: How come? 😏
Unknown Number: Because I can do anything.
Bella: And you next.
Jack: W-what?! 😱
~5 minutes later~
Unknown Number: So, what's it like being with us?
Jack: Great.

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