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I walked through a darkened tunnel, my vision leaving me in an instant. I didn't know where I was going or why I kept walking, I was willing my feet to stop, they never did.

The tunnel was cold as I trudged in wet mud, my heart raced in my chest, seizing me and coiling me tightly.

I heard his voice before I could block him out. I heard his whisper, his growl, his haunting roar. He was everywhere in the darkness.

"You're mine now, Petal." I heard him almost as if he was beside me. "You've always been mine."

His words made the panic really set in. I quickened up my pace until I was sprinting, sprinting away from all of the sounds I could hear of him. I wanted him gone, I needed him gone.

Who was going to help me?

I ran and ran until I couldn't breathe.

Soon, I came to a stop. My eyes adjusted to the darkness and I took in another figure before me. It was a woman, a woman who looked like me.

"Mum?" I said her name, my voice coming out as merely a whisper.

She didn't answer me as she turned. Her eyes darkened with anger and her fists clenched  so tightly it hurt to look at.

"You're a liar." She whispered. "You're a liar!"

I woke up and tried to regain the oxygen in to my lungs. I spluttered and gasped as I panicked in my wake. I was disorientated, confused and utterly petrified.

Where was I?

My eyes adjusted to the dark and I realised I was on my own. I was in Nick's bed, my heart slowed down as I took in the safety net of his scent.

However, I was still scared and I tried to scream. I couldn't, the noise wouldn't leave my throat.

With that, I got up from my lying position, my legs shaking as I rounded the bed and made my way outside.

Please, Nick.

I heard their voices before I could see their presence. I walked until my eyes set on the two of them. I mentally relaxed as soon as I did so, he was no where in sight.

Nick paced up and down the living area as Glenn sat solemnly on the sofa. They looked haunted but anger was deep in their veins. My father was physically shaking, his eyes glazed over with something more bone chilling.

Before I could walk any further, Nick lost his temper and hit one of the vases off his coffee table, his knuckles now visibly bleeding and his face looking ready to kill.

Glenn shot up from his seat, murmured something I couldn't hear in to his ear and sat him back down.

"Nick." My voice was weak as I called out his name. As soon as I did so, his face snapped my way and his anger left him in a hurry.

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