“Just this way Mr Stone” the bell boy directed us as he took our bags. “Mr Antonio has reserved only the best for you” he opened the door and I gasped at the beauty of the room. There was a king sized bed covered in white sheets threaded with gold which matched the colours of the room. A small chandelier hung above the room and threw the bright light around the room through the diamonds that hung from it.

There was a small closet and a large ensuite filled with the essentials and even a Jacuzzi, I got hot and bothered just imagining the things I could do with Jake there!

“Thank you... Simon” Jake thanked the bell boy handing him his tip and slapping his shoulder. He shut the door and pulled me to him immediately. “Are you having the same idea as me beautiful?”

He nibbled on my ear lobe and scratched his teeth on the sensitive spot just below sending shivers up and down my body. His hands slid down my body to grasp handfuls of my ass and he squeezed it pulling my mound to his hardening member.

Oh God! The familiar tingles of fireworks were spreading through my veins and I desperately needed to have a clear head if I was to keep my experiment going how I needed it. I couldn’t lose myself to my feelings. I would end up getting hurt because Jake signed up for no strings attached sex. I had to remember that.


“Mmm” he replied against my neck.

“Ja-Jake...” Damn, the things his mouth can do.

His mouth was trailing to my collarbone and sucking on my skin. As he got to the swell of my breasts I snapped to attention.

“Jake. Why don’t we uh have a look around the hotel? Maybe check out the pool or something?” I was gasping and was so close to telling him not to stop. He heaved a sigh and rested his head on my breasts like a cushion.

“Okay, okay. You’re just too damn sexy to resist” he told me before wrapping his arms around my waist and hugging me. He was so warm and I fit so perfectly in his arms I wondered what it would be like to be Mrs Stone.

No! Sasha that is dangerous thinking!

“Let’s go for a walk then”

“Um, you go down to the bar downstairs, I just want to change first. I’ll meet you there in a few minutes”  I smiled.

“Oh, okay” he pecked my lips and waved as he got to the door.

Alright, next fantasy coming up.

[Jake’s POV]

I was waiting at the bar snacking on a bowl on nuts just counting the seconds for my sexy Sasha to come down. The hotel was classy yet had that casual beach feeling to it. Antonio had done well for himself. There were plenty of people enjoying a drink or having lunch , the bar was practically buzzing.

“Hey there stud, looking for a date?” a husky voice asked.

I turned to see a sexy woman wearing skyscraper high heels and a very short blood red halter dress with a neckline that scooped low to show off her assets. Her lips matched her dress and her eyes were framed with long dark eyelashes. It was quite obvious what her occupation was.

“No thank you” I told her looking away.

“Are you sure?” she urged circling her finger on my arm. I turned to look her straight in the eye to tell her to leave me alone when I stopped. Those eyes. This ‘lady of the night’ wore the same emerald green eyes as Sasha.


The woman winked at me and slipped onto the bar stool next to mine making her dress slide even further up her thighs. God damn.

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