Chapter 10

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This chapter is dedicated to alli_jellybean for being an awesome fan and commenting on every chapter! Thanks hun <3

Chapter ten:

I was so stiff. I hadn’t had so much sex in one day before but the stiffness with in places that made me smile and the things we did would’ve made me blush before. Jake and I ended up sleeping in my bed seeing as his was covered in chocolate and whipped cream and he was adorable when he slept.

I slowly rolled over to face him, my naked breasts crushing against his bare torso, and I watched him. His bottom lip fluttered with each intake of breath and a smile would creep onto the corner of his mouth every once in a while.

Jake was doing me a great favour by helping me with my experiment and if I was able to keep someone like him attracted to me without having wondering eyes then it would easy to stop my future husband from getting bored by me.

My heart ached at the thought of a future without this, Jake’s warmth and humour and damn sexiness. I sighed, this was what I wanted. I began to wonder what would be the next fantasy I’d play forward for him, then the idea hit me.

[Jake’s POV]

The smell of fresh coffee wafted to my nose and I grinned at the hominess it exuded. I could get used to this. I turned over to hug the beautiful woman next to me when I felt the empty space. The cold empty space.

Right, she was the one making coffee.

“Well good morning handsome” her sultry voice came.

I saw her leaning against the door frame in my shirt with her long bare legs poking out from the bottom. This is an image I wouldn’t mind being burnt into my brain.

“Good morning, you look absolutely beautiful” I told her truthfully.

She ducked her head as she blushed and walked over to me.

“You know Jake, you’re already going to get laid. You don’t need to tell me those things” she said as she sat on the edge of the bed.

“It’s the truth” I shrugged, “Besides I tell you because I want to not because I have to”

She smiled at me and I held her hand bringing her closer for a kiss. She tasted like coffee and jam and made me even hungrier for her taste. I deepened the kiss and I swallowed her moans. She pushed me backwards taking me by surprise and together we fell off the bottom of the bed.


“Shit, are you ok Sasha?”

She burst out laughing and buried her head in my chest making me join in with her.

“I made you coffee in the kitchen” she told me after our laughter died, I kissed her and stood up bringing her up with me. I could definitely get used to this.

“So what do you want to do today babe?” I asked her.

“Can we check out the other islands?”

“Sure, no problem. We can even stay at my friend’s hotel if you want?”

[Sasha’s POV]

Today was turning out even better than I thought. Jake was looking stunning in a white button down shirt with the sleeves rolled up and showing his sculpted chest and I changed into a yellow and white sun dress.

We’d shared a suitcase and took a speed boat to another one of the islands and were now waiting at his friend’s hotel. Jake told me that we could stay for as long as we wanted here but I told him one night would be fine.

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