Chapter 14

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I can't believe him! He was standing right there when Eddie offered for us to stay at his holiday house in Switzerland when we go there next. But for some reason he's pissed off? I thought it was a good idea. Edward knows how close Demitri and I are... and how I feel about him. I mean the guy did spend his entire practical year listening to me talk about how amazing, successful and... perfect he is.

I spoke so fondly and often of Demitri that Eddie said ---'and I quote --- "So when are you planning on telling such a lucky man that you are whole heartedly in love with him?"

Sadly I still don't have the courage to tell my best friend that I have more than friendly feelings for him. How sad is it that none of the guys I've dated since high school could ever take my mind off Demitri for too long? Bless their hearts they did try.

A knock at my door brought me back from my thoughts and back to the reality that is a empty hotel room. I got up from my bed and slumped my way to the door, opening the door just as the knocking started again. "Yes?" I asked the bellboy staring back at me

"Special order for a Miss Harrison" the boy said in his native accent handing me a box of long stemmed red roses and a note. I thanked him and closed the door.

I have the roses a sniff and my face grew a involuntary smile. I sat down on the couch with the box on my lap. Taking the note in my hands I started reading.

I hope these will provoke your curiosity just enough to see what I'm up to.
Please be ready by 6P.M.


Dammit! He's right. What is he up to? I thought he's mad at me? What is he playing at? Great. I'm playing right into his plan. Either way, there was no stopping the smile on my face and the excitement growing inside me.

4PM. Read the clock on my nightstand, two hours to get ready for... whatever Demitri has planned. Two hours for my face to stop hurting from the smile that hasn't gone away since reading Demitri's note. I quickly took a shower and dried my hair and realized that not knowing where we are going made it really hard to decide what to wear, but I decided to go with the red dress I bought yesterday paired with gold gladiator sandals. I had just enough time to do my hair and makeup and splash on some perfume when my room phone rang.


"Miss Harrison?" The female voice questioned

"This is she. How can I help you?" Why is the front desk calling my room?

"Your car is ready miss" my car?

"Oh... umm yes. Of course. I'll be right down. Thank you" I answered a little confused and hung up the phone, looked myself over in the mirror --- I looked good --- grabbed my small clutch bag and then headed down to the lobby.

I was greeted by a older man in a black suit "evening Miss Harrison" he smiled warmly at me "my name is Nate, I'm here to drive you. Shall we get going?" Does everyone sound so posh here? I nodded and he held out a arm for me. I rested my hand on his arm as he led me out the door to a smart black car.

Nate opened the car door for me and I slid in nervously expecting to see Demitri's baby blues but... No. Just me. Alone. Oh and Nate driving me to --- "excuse me Nate, where are you taking me?"

"Mr. Evens instructed me no to say a word miss. But I assure you I will get you there right on time" he said grinning at me in the rearview mirror

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