Chapter 11

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(Y/N) smiled to herself as she and Aer read Ja'far's letter while Yunan makes some tea for himself and Aer.

"What does template mean?"

"It basically means that you use something to learn how to use or do something."

"So... Jaffy said that I could learn how to read and write with his letters?"

"The two of you talking back and forth will improve your reading and writing skills, so yes. I'm sure if there's anything else you don't quite understand when Yunan or I aren't with you, Ja'far will help explain it." (Y/N) nodded to herself and held the letter to her chest, rolling out of the bed and ran to Yunan.

"Yunan Yunan! Jaffy says that you and Aer are allowed to feed each other because you two are in a relationship. What's a relationship?" Yunan looks down at the child and smiled.

"Being in a relationship with someone could mean many things. I like to tease Aer about her stalking me because she ended up finding me multiple times before we even started talking."


"Where you follow someone quietly."

"Oh. Aer stalked you?"

"She didn't, but I tease her about it because I find her reaction humorous." He glances up to Aer as she glares at him from the second floor balcony. He laughs and turns back to (Y/N), picking her up and placing her at the table. "I'm sure you want to get back to training, so let's hurry and get you fed so you can be as strong as you can."


Sinbad sits up and stretches, popping his back in the process as he stands up and looks to his friends. He raises his eyebrow when he sees Ja'far clinging onto two sheets of parchment. He stealthily walks to him, trying to read the pages, but couldn't really make out what was written. As he reaches for a page, Ja'far rolls over in the hammock, pulling them away. 'Darn it... I wanna know what they say now.'

"Sinbad, what are you doing?" The purple haired teen holds his hands up and slowly turns to Hinahoho, clearly startled.

"I was gonna wake Ja'far." He quickly turns towards his ex assassin friend and shakes him a bit. "Hey Ja'far, wake up. We need to talk about what we should bring back." He smiles when he sees his friend stir from his sleep and rub his eyes. Ja'far hears the papers in his hand rustle, then shoves them into the backpack. "What are those papers? Are they letters from Aer?"

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