26~Old Secrets are Out.

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Marie-Anne's POV

I closed the front door, dropping my bag on the floor. I walk to the kitchen grabbing myself a glass of water, I take my sleeping pills from the cabinet dropping about ten of them in my hands. I am about to throw them in my mouth when Esther comes in the kitchen, "Marie, what are you doing?" She asks me like a little kid.

"Just taking my pills," I inform her.

"You can't take your pills," she says walking up to me, "give me," she orders taking the pills from my hands and putting them back in the bottle. "You don't know if they are safe for the baby and why the heck are you taking that many?" She asks.

"Because they are not working anymore," I tell her.

"Yeah, that's because your body got used to them, you need to make an appointment with your doctor. She'll give you pills that are safe for the baby and more efficient," she leaves the kitchen probably going back to the living room. I feel so tired like I am about to die. I yawn feeling a little hungry too. Tossing my shoes off, I open the fridge to get something to eat. "Marie, come here!" I hear Esther yell from the living room. She was just here, now she needs me.


"Have you seen this?" She asks as I take a seat next to her. She turns the TV's volume higher as the news lady talks.

"This morning,  the queen of England, Mary, was found dead in her bedroom. The royal family says that her health hasn't been the same for the past few months and that they were awaiting her death." The news lady says. Did she call me out of the kitchen for this? I don't care about the stupid queen, she was old and old people die.

"Her eldest son and first heir, Tyronne, will now be taking over and his inauguration's not too far away. The new sole heir to the throne is Tyler Smith which goes by his mother's maiden name, Brown, for security purposes." She continues, that's so cool, Tyler has the same name as the new heir.

"Did you hear that?" Esther asks pausing the TV. "Tyler Brown?"

"Yeah, that's so cool," I say.

"You think it's cool that he's a prince?" She asks surprise. What is she talking about? Tyler's not a prince, he just has the name of one.

"He's not, he just has the same name," I tell her.

"Listen to this." She says pressing play again.

"Tyler Smith or Brown has moved to the states after he reached legal age and has been living there ever since. According to his family, he has been staying under the spotlight. Now with the queen dead, Tyler is expected to come back home to learn the ways of the throne with his father."  A picture of Tyler Smith comes on, is it me or does this look a lot like the Tyler I know. Esther pauses it and I look at her in surprise, she gives me an I told you so look.

"Wait, Tyler is a P-prince?" I ask Esther.

"Yes, that's what CNN says," she points at the TV. I look at the TV and back at her in disbelief. Tyler would have told me something as important as this, wouldn't he? Who am I kidding? Our whole relationship is base on lies. No wonder he is always so secretive and I've been calling him all morning, he didn't answer. He's probably grieving his grandmother. My phone which is in my jacket pocket vibrates making me startle. I take it out looking at the text message.

Brown: Meet me at our spot. The text simply reads. I look at the phone then at the TV not knowing what to think right now. I shouldn't meet him, he's been lying to me all this time. A part of me still wants to hear the truth from him, I want to hear what he has to say. "I'll be right back," I tell Esther getting up from the sofa.

"Where are you going?" She asks.

"To meet Tyler," I simply say walking to the front door. I grab my bag which was on the floor. I put some shoes on and walk to my car.


I arrive at the spot that Tyler and I call our spot. It's a lake with benches beside it, some people call it a park. It's away from the city and you can see the stars from here, it's very peaceful and beautiful. I get out of my car walking to the bench where Tyler and I usually sit when we come here. I see him standing leaning on the small fence that surrounds the lake. I stand for a few seconds just looking at him. Sighing, I walk up to him.

"Tyler," my voice is low, barely a whisper. Slowly, he turns around looking at me. I cannot see his facial expression because it is already dark.

"You came?" He asks, relief audible in his voice.

"Yeah, I did," I say walking up to him. "Why didn't you tell me?" I ask him taking a seat. That's what I been thinking about my whole ride over.

"I'm sorry, I wanted to, I did. I-it's just wasn't easy to say," he takes a seat next to me but leaving a good amount of distance.

"I had to find out that someone I actually thought I knew was someone completely different on the news," I say anger filling in my voice.

"I was going to tell you before I left, I swear. I didn't know that the news was going to talk about me," he sounds sorry. I have no right to get mad, I knew he had secrets, I just didn't know one of them would be that big.

"K," I say not feeling like arguing with him, he just lost his grandmother. "I'm sorry about your grandmother."

"It's fine, she was old and old people die," he says using my exact words. I chuckle, he turns looking at me chuckling also. "I'm sorry," he repeats.

"It's fine," I say honestly. "So, you're really leaving?" I ask him. I don't want him to leave, he's a friend to me and he's been nothing but nice and sweet to me since the day I met him.

"Yeah," he says not sounding any bit happy that he will be seeing his family and going back home.


"Tomorrow, the press is all over my apartment plus my father wants me home because the people want to see the whole family grieving as the country grieves."

"I'm sorry," I can't imagine whats it's like being forced to do something that you don't even want to do. He should be living his life not be forced to be part of politics or whatever. "Thank you for being so nice to my stupid self," I joke.

"You're not stupid and I should be thanking you not the other way around."

"I've never done anything good for you," it's true. Tyler's helped me through so much stuff and he's dealt with me which is really hard to do. He's different, he doesn't like bothering people with his problems plus he is the best person to deal with. He's not selfish, not crazy, doesn't talk back, and he's just sweet.

"You'd be surprised to know how much you've done," he stares at the lake looking deep in thought.

"Like what?" I joke I got to be honest, I kind of want to know about it.

"I prefer not to get into that," he says not taking his eyes off the lake.

"That's because you're lying," I say playfully punching his strong arm. He turns around, his eyes glowing in the dark.

"Anne, you have," he says. "You've thought me how to love again and..."

"Mhmm," I say shaking my head no. I'm the last person who's taught someone how to love, I don't know how to love.

"Yes, you have. I'm in love with you, why can't you see that?"


I'm just going to end this right here...

Tyler's finally leaving... yay or nay?

He might be leaving, but he isn't gone.

Au Revoir...

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