AN;  This chapters back in Fresh's POV just so you all know. Hope you all enjoy!

Ch.39 What we've been through

I woke up slowly opening my eyes, I sat up rubbing my eyes tiredly as the blanket fell off to my side.

I looked out the window as I saw a litte morning fog on the window. The sky was a powder blue with a honey dew fade to it as the sun rised, with the morning dew falling off some the tree's leaves. I watched small droplets of the morning dew collect up into one big drop until its slid down the fogged glass leaving a yellow lit trail.

I hummed deciding I should get up and ready for the day, I got off the bed and put on my shoes to take a step out side.

I let the nurse at the desk know I was heading out as I walked through the door.

"Fresh!" A excited voice exclaimed.

"Oh, Fresh are you alright?" A voice said, I turned to see Mr.Ink and Palete.

"Oh, er... I'm fine." I replied.

"Oh thats good, we were so worried about you and PJ! The others are coming to see you both in a little while." Palete explained.

"We were told that PJ's outside too so we came to see him, want to join us?" Mr.Ink asked as I agreed.

We wallked around until finally spotting two dark boned skeletons by the small pond.

As we walked toward the father and son I couldn't help but notice the sight being engraved in my head.

They sat under a maple tree, ignoring the wet grass that the sun lit up with it's bright glow. The light sound chirping the birds above made as some gracefully glided, and flied in the air. The sound of the water peacefully flowing in the pond with some Lily pads in it, as the water reflected the bright yellow rays glistening as it did so. Then finally the main noticeable thing that couldn't be ignored...The father and son moment that could warm any heart to its core; the two sat across from each other both chatting lightly with smiles, and smirks here and there, as their trust and care for each other gave off a warm environment...

It's moment like these I wish I could remember the most. The similar momemts I shared with my own once beloved family, the moments i regret forgetting...and most of all the moment's I've come to fear...

None the less I'm glad PJ's okay, he derseves to be. Seeing him makes me look back and wonder how I could have ever considered him a jerk, making me realize just how wrong I was about him...

I can't deny it anymore, as little as I have been with him I know I do care about PJ more than a friend. Even more than a crush.

I love him, but I'm afraid he won't love me back...I can't choose. Should I act out on my feelings? Or should I wait for him to reveal his feelings towards me?

I'm not sure, but as long as what ever happens keeps him smiling like he is now; I'm perfectly fine with it.

'...Wow...I sound like a fricking cheesy romance movie!' I thought mentally cringing as we stopped greeting the two.

"You look up and healthy, that's good. We're glad you and Fresh turned out okay." Mr.Ink said smiling kindly at PJ as he nodded.

"We were so worried when we heard you both got hurt!" Palete stated sitting down with the rest of us.

"Oh we're fine, it's going to take more than one bullet to get rid of us. Thats a fact now." I said to lighten the mood which worked seeing as everyone was smiling or smirking.

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