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Some news regarding Please call me Teacher.

I'm still rewriting. I overestimated my ability to handle many stories, but I'll tell you I haven't forgotten Seiji and Yuuto.

But that's not the news. My plan was to rewrite and make the print version with extras. However, those extras have grown so much I'll write a second volume.

Yes, that's right. Please call me teacher!! 2 is coming. I hope to bring the first chapter by Christmas and keep a monthly release.

But until then, I'm working on another BL that I want to bring by in the first week of October. The tentative name is The Swimmer. Here's the description.

The Prado Maranhão Aquatic Sports Club, a place where those who aim at the top of the water sports gather. Nelson, once called the future of Brazil's swim team, in near the end of his rehabilitation after a serious accident that almost took his life. But time is running out as his contract is about to end. To his surprise, the club assigned him a manager to help him get back on his feet.

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