Chapter 6: Fun times

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Kayla POV

"What your little head ass wanna eat?"Javan giraffe neck ass, asked me. "First of all, your bitch ass must be talking to yourself, because last time I checked, you have the smallest head in this town. I'm not talking about the one on your shoulders. Secondly I want to go to Friday's not Chick-fil-a." I smartly remarked.

"Bruh I'm sick and tired of you saying I got a small dick. Just watch I'll show u sooner than later." Show me now then shiii we can go straight to dessert.

During the drive I'd fell asleep. When we reached the restaurant, Javan slow self felt the need to take me out of the car, and twirl me around. "Boy put me down before your enable to participate in your football activities. You know I'm to big to be picked up." I slapped his back.

"No you not. I've carried over 400 pounds before so picking you up is like picking up a feather. Now that your up lets eat cause I heard your stomach speaking Spanish all the way here so I know u hungry. Let's go". He took Javiers car seat out the car.

He pushed me inside and we waiting to be seated. Three women were standing behind us just looking me up and down. They gave me that how tf did she get him look. Meanwhile their niggas were looking at me like they wanted a taste of the honey pot. I got it like that😏

"Can I have a table for three I'd like the booth?" Javier asked."Yes sir right this way." He led us to our table. The booth was circular I set Javier next to me, then slid in my seat. Javan set on the outside.

In less then 5 minutes the waitress came to take our order. "So what can I get for you guys." She pulled out her pen and notepad. "I want  a sprite, ribs, fries and mash potatoes please don't forget to give me gravy and sausage. What you want girl?" Javan rude ass irk my nerve.

"I want sprite and the baked potatoes that's it." Both of them looked at me like bitch if you don't stop. "What I'm not that hungry." I defended. "Lies. Ummm, she'll have the same thing I'm having, but without mash potatoes. She's  gonna keep her baked potato. Thanks." He handed her the menus.

The waitress smiles and nodes her head and left bumping into everything. Javan still staring at me. " What, what, what? Why are u fucking staring at me? Damn" I rolled my eyes.

"First calm your lil mad ass down. Second, stop with all this insecure shit. So what you thick as fuck. That means u found someone, or something that makes bomb ass food. So what if you want to eat. Don't think imma call you fat. I'm not that type of guy. Not all people care about weight ma, just be you and people will like you. Now where my snappy but friendly girl I know and love." He's so sweet.

I blushed, which was noticeable, but I don't care. I smiled harder and we laughed. The food came and he told me to bow my head. I was curious, but did it any way. I felt his hands grab mines. His arm was laying on the upper part of my thigh. He was facing me while he prayed. I thought it was a nice gesture.

After he said Amen his arm was still there. "Boy move your damn arm. I can't eat while your touching on me."Javan just busted out laughing.I looked down and that was his dick on my legs.

Oh my damn😱. I was turning red as hell bitting my bottom lip, closing my legs real tight. Lord you done bless that nigga an anaconda dick. My kitty was getting wet. Hoe calm down. I tried to put his dick in his pants, but it was fucking rock hard. It was soft to, like velvet. I look up at him and said "I'm a boy" in my best man voice. His dick went limp and I put it back in his pants. He stared at me shocked. I laughed saying"I only said that to get your dick in your pants I'm not no a boy."

"Man how I know you telling the truth?You got some tits, but do yo got a pussy down there?" He just trying to get a feel girl. I rolled my eyes and grab his hands and place it in my shorts for a good 2 second and the took it out. I started eating my dinner which was good asf.

Javan went on hard. He stared at his food and was quiet. He did this half the dinner. He stuck 😂 "Why you became quiet all of the sudden?" Girl now you know damn well that cat put him on hush mode😝

"Well first I didn't want to make a scene, but damn. You got a wet fat meaty Pussy. Also it smell good hella sweet to." Ahhhh thank you😏

I rolled my eyes pretending to not like it. "Boy, your a little too excited. You ain't gonna be getting in my shorts anytime soon." He pursued his lips. "But why were you wet though? It was because of me just admit it." Maybe. "No, not because of you the. The seat is cold. Now leave me alone so I can eat."

He grabbed my plate, and said. "Not until u tell me what really made you horny." Now he know damn well. "Fine. You made me horny. Your dick, and your ugly ass face made me wet. Now give me my food, or I'm telling on you."

"Who u gonna tell?" He smirked. "This police officer behind you." I pointed to the buff officer. "Fine here your plate big snitching ass baby." He sucked his teeth and picked up fork to eat.

Javan watched me eat my dinner. He licked his lips staring me down. While I was eating the rib. I wanted to play with him. I grab the biggest one, and slid the whole thing down my throat. I looked him in the eyes to get his attention. "I see you like to play." He side eyed me and ate his food. I started eating, looking all happy too. We play too much. But I like it.

Javan POV

Damn that girl right there, shes everything

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Damn that girl right there, shes everything. Her natural beauty and attitude is a turn on. She makes me laugh, and makes me horny asf too. Most importantly she's like a home boy.

We headed toward the front to pay for our meal. She had Javier's car seat, and I was going to get our dessert.  I wish she was desert. "Ight let's go home. We got school in the morning so get your wet ass in the car, while I bring us desserts." I slapped her ass. That jiggle though

"Get your hard dick head ass inside and go get some dessert." With that she went to the car slamming the door.

Now she know not to slam my shit. I got something for that ass. I smiled shaking my head. Imma get this shorty.

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