Chapter 36

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Angel's POV

So now here I was, half sitting - half laying on the bed munching on my crackers with the two large wolves curled around me and sound asleep.

From time to time I shifted myself slightly, so that my body parts wouldn't fall asleep but every time I moved myself the twins began whimpering in their sleep, so I had to run my fingers through their fur for them to go back to their sleep.

Readjusting my legs a little, they began whimpering again, only this time they opened their eyes to look at me sleepily.

"Did I wake you up?" I whispered.

They both made a nod with their big furry heads and grinned at me.

"I'm so sorry babies, go back to sleep." Rubbing them behind their ears and humming quietly, hoping they would go back to sleep because goddess knows they need it.

Tyler nudged me gently with his muzzle.

"Mate needs rest." Came a mindlink from both of them.

I huffed out a breath.

"Mate won't argue. Mate needs all the energy with our pups."

I shot up, startling them both. I didn't care at the moment though, I was thinking over the words they said.

Pups? As in more then one???

Would they be more protective when I carry multiple children? God no, please.

"Pups. Did you just say pups??"

"Lay down mate. Need to rest. Mate is having our pups and needs rest."

So he did say pups.

But how do they know?? Even the doctor doesn't!

They tugged me down and snuggled into me.

That one thought kept swirling in my head.

Am I actually having more than one child?

Suddenly feeling tired I closed my eyes and snuggled into the twins sides - they were my source of warmness.

Ryder and Tyler began purring when they felt me moving closer to them.

We were all tired form the events before and relaxed into one another, succumbing to the darkness.

I could only hope that Xavier and Xander will get back into control over their bodies and minds.


It has been a few weeks from the twins-shifting-in-the-kitchen incident.

Most of my energy these past weeks has gone to calming down the boys.

I went to a bathroom once, well the twins carried me of course as I 'can't walk' and when I got my business done and went out they were hugging and sniffing me as if I had been gone for a week and they didn't know where I was.

We're on our way to the doctor's office for our first check up. Honestly, I'm nervous. Obviously I'm hiding it as the twins would throw a tantrum if they felt I was anything but safe, happy and comfortable. They were stressing themselves and it was my job to calm them and their wolves.

Xander was carrying me bridal style. They wouldn't let me cling onto them like a koala like I used to as I now had a little bump on my belly. They were afraid to squish it.

The twins wanted me to only wear their shirts because for 1) those had their scent on them and 2) their shirts would be very big on me which means that they wouldn't stretch uncomfortably over the little bump like my own shirts would probably do.

I had on some comfortable shorts and fuzzy socks. No shoes as I didn't get to walk anyway so what's the point in wearing them?

Xavier and Xander were in their usual clothing - black jeans, combat boots and some shirts.

We all matched at the moment as I had on black shorts and we were all wearing a dark blue shirt.

I don't know about their socks but mine were light pink. I wasn't really a fan of pink but these socks were one of my favourites.

I was taking a short nap on our way to the doctor.

The twins had noticed that I was tired almost all the time and ordered me to take a nap every day after lunch. I napped any time I got though.

Xavier knocked on the door and we went in. The doctor was setting up a machine.

He asked Xander to put me on the chair and he reluctantly did.

Once the doctor took a hold of the hem of the shirt I was wearing, they growled at him, nearly ripping his arm off when they moved it away from me.

"I'm sorry Luna but I'm going to have to ask you to lift your shirt." The doctor asked me apologetically.

"Of course." I nodded and lifted the shirt so that my belly was uncovered and the little bump was showing clearly.

The doctor took some tube into his hands and opened it.

"It's going to be cold, Luna."

Putting it on my belly I held back the shiver from the coldness of the gel.

He put the tube away and set up the ultrasound machine next to the chair I was half laying - half sitting on.

He put the wand gently onto the bump on my tummy and moved it around.

"Oh." He said, looking at the screen on the machine.

"What? What is it?" I asked, trying to understand what was on the screen.

"Well it looks like you're having twins, Luna."

"So Tyler and Ryder were right?"


"Oh um, Tyler and Ryder told me that I'm having pups a few weeks ago. Pups, not a pup."

"Alphas have slightly stronger senses, so it's possible that they felt it." The doctor explained.

"Can we know the genders of our pups or is it too soon?" Xander asked.

"I think we should be able to know now." The doctor said and looked at the screen intensely, squinting his eyes a little.

Xavier was holding my hand while Xander was running his fingers through my hair.

After a few minutes of him looking at the screen the doctor turned to us, smiling.

"It seems that the pack will have another pair of Alphas."

"You mean I will have two pairs of Alphas to keep in line?! I'll go mad." I sighed dramatically, flopping myself back onto the chair.

While the twins were busy checking me for any possible injuries, the doctor was laughing so hard that he nearly fell off the chair that he was sitting on, tears streaming down his cheeks.

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