Chapter 2: Alexis

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Alexis was loved throughout the years she lived with the family as well have a best friend in Staia while, Alexis's necklace seen to give them luck in ways like the food growing faster and more delicous to them. Staia and Her became best friends as sisters to one another but, not knowing the truth of Alexis's life and birth also, Staia was a horse so she was more serious than her sister's playfulness and tricks.

(Alexis's View)

I sit carefully on the tree branch that rubbed against my smooth thighs while, i watched the area slowly waiting for dinner tonight. "hmm...about another hour." Alexis stated,quietly not wanting to disturb the peace in the forest as she toke a bite into her red delicous apple with her eye teeth making a clear mark of her mouth. "Squrriel, Are you enjoying yourself?" Staia teased, as she walked up to the base of the tall pine tree with a smirk on her fair face. "Yes I am, My Horse. How is your loud foot?" Alexis said, with an evil smirk on her face. Staia was use to her sick humor when, it showed. "well, help me with my loud feet. Would you." Staia said, with a warm smile.

Alexis brushed her finger against her squrriel as the wind suddenly picked up from the sky while, the leaves danced around Staia playfully caressed her body as she was picked up about a few feet from the ground. Alexis smirked as she sensed a smell of new dirt and earth as Staia landed on the branch smiling. "Thanks sis. So Anything good come by?" Staia asked, stealing her apple from me as i laughed. "Nope but, something will probably come by in a hour. if we are quiet for once together." I teased, making my sister smile more.

About a hour later, a werewolf was slowly pawing at the fresh dead raven that was on top of a trap that i set as the tenison in the air became musking to the my body while, finally the werewolf stepped with his power behind the leg into the trap. He made a sudden cry in pain and for help to any other werewolves around but, werewolves now a days traveled alone cause they couldn't trust one another for ratting them out to the Leader of Thair. "Got chu." I whispered to the wind, as i swinged my leg around the branch with Staia following.

Staia and I landed on our feet onto the musky earth that filled their noses as Staia started to walk over to the werewolf carefully when, the werewolf immedately looked over at them knowing what was going to happen as he became in rage. "Steady,Staia. Remenber what father teached us about werewolves." I calmly stated, as i pulled my silver sword out from my waist band making a sweet sound that i loved so much while, Staia nodded taking out her sword that shined against the werewolf.

He growled with rage and pure hate in his brown sandy eyes while, his broken ankle kept bleeding out onto the wet soil knowing if he didn't die from their hands then, he would die from infection sooner or later in the weeks to come. He swinged his overgrown claws at Staia while, Staia bend back enough to dodge the hit as she stabbed into his neck with her sword hearing some bones break from the sword impact. "Now Alexis!" Staia yelled, as I jumped up with her heel into the air flipping over the animal as Staia suddenly got hit with his backfire of his arm swinging back. "Staia!!" I screamed, as i toke my sword with all my strenght behind it taking the werewolf's head off.

Staia crashed back into the base of the pine tree with blood running from her neck like a slow poem playing out. "Staia, everything will be ok! Stay with me...ok" I said, not even trusting my own voice as Staia smiled a knowing smile at me as i lifted the hided the extra trap trigger as the dead werewolf was tied in a large net and flyed 20 feet from the ground. "ok sis. let's go home to our parents." I said, trying not to think much as i picked up her throwing her over my shoulder. "Man, you are heavy sis. but, that's alright." I said, trying to put up a strong side for her as i tried to run home as fast i could with the weight of my sister on me. "Let The Squrriel be with me.." I whrispered, as i prayed for my sister....


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