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Extended Summary:

Freshman year of college isn't as smooth-sailing as Amelia Xu had hoped it would be. Classes are the least of her concerns. She's got her hands full avoiding a bad summer hook-up, rooming with her dorky, fresh-off-the-boat Chinese cousin, and butting heads with her too-Kpop-for-his-own-good dance team leader.

College drama turns deadly when a rash of hate crimes breaks out over campus. With her dorky roommate and an annoying boy by her side, Amelia is determined to unveil the culprit threatening students' lives. But as she soon discovers, the enemy is far greater than she could have ever imagined.

America and its core democratic values are crumbling. To fight for what they've always believed in, Amelia and her friends might have to sacrifice everything.



This work is pure fiction. However, it was inspired by the events that followed in the aftermath of the 2016 presidential election. Although names and locations have been changed, some of the events in this novel are based off of real-life happenings. This year, 2017, has been the first of four very difficult years that have (and will continue to) shatter what many had believed to be a progressive nation in a progressive era. 

I wrote this book because I believe that literature can offer more than just an escape from reality. I believe it has the power to facilitate understanding. The power to preserve our core American values, and to spark movement against those who are determined to take them away. More than ever, we need writers of diverse backgrounds writing about diverse characters. Books that unapologetically bash the currently unacceptable standards of society. And believe me, I am very, very unapologetic.

Through Amelia's story, I hope you can find comfort, hope, and the will to fight alongside those who still believe that Americans - diverse in race, gender, sexuality, and everything in between - will someday find America again. That we will rebuild this nation into a TRULY great America. 

***If you ever want to discuss any of these difficult matters, please don't hesitate to shoot me a message. I'm always willing to help work through these trying times. Thanks for reading this foreword, and I hope you enjoy this book. xx

--L.B. Jade

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