Chapter Seven: Silas Korba

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Content Warning: mentions of physical child abuse

"What the hell are you two doing to her?!"

The accented yell was deep and reverberating, emanating raw strength, and I swore the house shook with the power of it. But what scared me the most was that it wasn't the voice of Kota or Nathan. It wasn't even Gabriel. It was someone entirely new to me.

I raised my head just a tad to peek at the newcomer, and my eyes widened.

He was big. That was the first thing I could digest in my study of him. He was the tallest person I'd ever laid eyes on, and it wasn't just his height that made him big. His arm muscles strained against the dark blue shirt he donned and his thigh muscles followed suit. His jaw was firm and strong, and he had broad shoulders—even bigger than the guy I'd accidentally run into yesterday during lunch.

And right there, above his head, was an infinity sign. My eyes widened as I recognized him.

He was on the football team. Since I mostly hung around Rocky, Jay, and Jade, the former of which were both on the football team and the latter on the cheerleading squad, I'd heard many stories about him and his friend North Taylor. Apparently, the two of them were the strongest players in the city, and now that I was looking at one of them up close, he seemed like the strongest person in the city.

Silas Korba.

His dark brown, near-black eyes were burning with rage as he glared at Kota and Nathan.

"Silas?" Kota asked incredulously. "What are you doing here? We have school soon! If you came here just to see Sang, you can—"

"What did you do to her?" Silas glanced at me briefly, opening his mouth to say something again, and as he caught sight of what had to be the infinity symbol above my head, he promptly shut it and gaped at me.

If he'd ever seen me in school before, he would've known that my Possession was a recent development. As if he was thinking the exact same thing, his eyes softened just barely before he turned back to Kota.

"As you can see," Kota started, capturing our attention, "Sang is now a Possessor."

Silas nodded and then came to sit down next to me on the couch. He didn't say anything for a long while, just stared blankly ahead at nothing.

I waited for Kota or Nathan to say something, to break the silence, but they didn't. So I took a deep breath and swallowed my pride. If he was a friend of Kota, Nathan, and Gabriel, then he was a friend of mine. At least until they all got sick of me. "Um, i-it's nice to meet you, Silas."

Silas's head turned to me and his mouth was slackened as he watched me with an emotion I couldn't decipher. "Likewise," he said slowly. He must have felt awkward after just saying that, so he kept going. "I'm just sorry it was in these circumstances... Are you all right? Why were you crying?"

I opened my mouth to reply, but Kota cut me off.

"I have to go report this, but before I do, why are you here, Silas? You couldn't have waited—" He looked down at his watch. "—less than three hours?"

Silas glanced at me. "I saw Gabriel's text and I was over at the diner doing some work, so I thought I'd drop by." He fixed Kota with a glare. "It was good timing, too, because even at the door I could hear you two going at it. Now, let me ask you again, what did you do to her? Why is she crying, and why the hell are you interrupting her before she even has a chance to speak for herself?"

I pressed my mouth into my knees, hiding my smile. He was sticking up for me and it warmed my heart. And if he wanted to be friends... like I did. Will he hold my hand, too? The thought made me blush. Thankfully, he was too focused on Kota to notice.

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