[SPECIAL] When it's your birthday · Karma Akabane

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A/N: Anwyays, its going my birthday soon (october 1st week). There are 2 more one shots (when its your birthday) coming, i'll post them next week.

It's like a scenario but turned into a one shot


⇾ 'Karma x Reader' ⇽

「Birthday Special」

You woke up to the sound of birds chirping, 'Damn you birds let me sleep its only 8:00am'. You stretched out your arms yawning your eyes looked at the calendar on the door. 'Oh my its my birthday!'

Today was your birthday,  luckily it was the weekend so that meant you could spend the whole day celebrating your birthday. Checking your phone to see whether somebody special had texted you yet.

'Happy Birthday mehhh fammm!'  -Kayano 7:00am

'HAPPY BiThrDAY!' -mAEHARA 7:10am

'Happy birthday F/N ~chan!' -Nagisa 7:30am

'Happy birthday nurufufufufu!' -Koro~sensei 7:45am

You kept scrolling through your notifications but you still couldn't find one sent from Karma. 'Has he forgotten about today?'  For the past 2 weeks you kept on hinting Karma about your birthday, you were sure he got the message. Was that all for nothing?

Getting up to get changed and ready you decided to just walk around the street to clear your mind. You got dressed in your favourite clothes something cool but comfy. As you finished brushing your hair you went out.

Opening the door you saw a small envelope with your name written across. You picked it up wondering where it was from and who sent it.

'F/N, you're probably wondering who this is and what I want.'

Just do what the letter says it makes it easier for us.

'Come to the place you Karma for the first time.' ;) 

You hoped this wasn't a random prank done by Karma, knowing Karma his favourite hobby was provocation. Closing the door and locking it you decided to visit that place. After all your boyfriend hadn't texted you and you currently had no plans today.

You walked to the front gates of Kunugigaoka. There was a familiar boy standing there holding and envelope. He looked as if he was trying to find you. As you made eye contact the boy smiled and walked towards you handing the envelope. You opened it wondering what it said.

'When we had our first kiss.'

You looked up at Maehara with a puzzled look. He responded with a light chuckle. "Baka! Karma wrote these and we're suppose to be giving those to you. Just do what the letter says, go to the place." It had finally made sense to you. "Does that mean I'm going to run all over Japan?" you shrieked. Maehara just grinned as he walked away.

Karma and your first kiss was at his house. Shrugging you began to walk to his house. Checking your watch it read 9:30am. 'Gosh, I walk really slow don't I?'

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