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I got tagged by GollGappay

I got tagged by GollGappay

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1. I can't leave home without burqa. I feel naked if I leave without it.

2. I am not into makeup so much.. Whenever I do, I used Lakme or Oriflame.

3. Uhmm...  I love every flower.

4. No favourite.

5. I don't use perfume.

6. Both.

7. Yes, Alhamdulillah.

8. Black, Aqua Green, navy blue.

9. Nope

10. Yes ofcourse. Who don't drink juice? :-p

11. Never tried.

12. What?? With a fork?? 😂 Who eats with fork?

13. Lakme or Oriflame.

14. *Hide my face behind my dupatta*😂

15. Yes but not so easily.

16. Nope.

17.  Phobias? Nope.

18. My nails are sooo small. They don't grow so how will I bite them? No chance.

19. Near death experience? I have many. Recently I had a death experience on 2nd July, 2017. That day I was in New delhi and after eating dinner, we bought cold drinks glass. We bought and sit in car and driving towards our home and I drank the cold drink and eat the ice then my dad said to me eat his ice too. He was going throw so I said ok and eat it happily. After few minutes, I start coughing very badly. I was not able to breathe nor I was able to speak. I was coughing so badly that if I didn't stop in ten seconds, I would have died there only because I was not able to take breaths. My Mom was sooo scared. Alhamdulillah I stop coughing. Still I was coughing till one hour but not so badly.

20. Rarely.

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