Leonis, 1:1, 2:14 - Roach Hotel - Seven, Six, Five, Four, Three, Two, One...Dust

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 "Granddaddy, are you awake?" Katie asked softly, easing the hospital room door open.

The sixty-five year-old Rudolf Fentz slowly turned his head toward his granddaughter and coughed beneath the oxygen mask. He raised a spotted, wrinkled hand to his face and removed the plastic cup. "I'm still here, dear. The darkness hasn't come and claimed me, yet."

Katie ran over and hugged the old man as tears streamed down her cheeks. "Stop talking like that, granddaddy. What will I do without you?"

The old man weakly lifted a shaky hand and patted the girl on the face. He ran his hand over her brunette head and then with a finger, lifted her chin to look him in the eyes. "You will be fine. You are a strong and brave girl. In fact, when I'm gone, I want you to move on and forget me...you hear me?"

"I know...set it and forget it," the girl said and wiped a tear from her pretty face. "You are so silly with that dumb expression."

"It's not so dumb in the one place where I heard it first spoken. It's a comforting phrase for those people."

"You and your crazy travel stories, grandfather," Katie said and hugged the old man once more. "I...I...uh, I'm gonna miss them so much...you can't go! You hear me?"

"That's not up to me, my angel. Now, give me a smile and tell me about your visit to that horrid show."

Katie sat up and laughed, wiping her eyes with the back of her hand. "They said to tell you they loved you and to give you a hug. They also said to get better soon."

"Ah, they did, did they? How did they know about my illness?"

Katie grinned. "I told them. In fact, I think the rerun of the show is coming on in a couple minutes. You have to watch..."

"Katie, dear, you know I am not fond of that show..."

Katie lit up like a light bulb. "But, granddaddy, I won a car! It's a Datsun and it's your favorite color, gold!"

The old man sat up and Katie slipped an extra pillow behind him. "Very well, since it is you I'm watching..."

Katie excitedly grabbed the wired remote and turned on the television mounted to the wall. She knew her grandfather's eyes were not well enough to watch it on her communicator.

"Look at you, honey! Oh, you are so pretty, just like your mother, God rest her soul."

Katie did not watch the show; she chose instead to examine the kind old man's happy face, a sight she hadn't seen in quite some time since the lung cancer set in. He almost looked like he did when he was younger...when he would take her to the park and push her on the swing..." Kate swallowed back the urge to sputter and cry.

"Oh my dear, sweet Jesus!" the old man said and raised a shaky hand. "What are they doing!!! They need to stop...oh, my word. That thing just shot the man that saved me!"

"What!?!!" Kate turned to watch Parker slam into the taxi's window. "That's an agent calling himself Parker Raymond, grandfather."

"Parker Raymond? He must be Arthur's grandson, then! He looks just..." *cough* "I have to stop..."


"Grandfather! Oh no! Nurse! Help!"

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