you cheat on him with Charlie

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You had the secret that nobody knows and it was killing you. The secret was you were cheating on your boyfriend of 1 year with his best friend you felt so bad but it felt good as well. One day you thought to yourself you were gonna end it with Charlie so you text him saying "Hey Charlie can you come over we need to talk please" and with that he replied saying "sure babe😚😜" Charlie was on his way you were a little nervous. About 5 minutes later Charlie had arrived you were so nervous. You opened the door to see Charlie smiling, on the other hand you had a sad face as soon as Charlie seen your face his face changed.

"What's up you look sad" he said as he was coming for a hug you pushed him away.

"Charlie we can't do this anymore it's not right I love Leo not you am sorry" you tell him without looking at him.

" what I thought this is what you wanted" Charlie says coming forward to you.

"It was but it's not fair on leo" you say back.

"Well fine whatever I can get someone better than you anyway bye" he says slamming the door shut behind him.

Sorry if this is short it's 0:33 in the morning

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