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Pen Your Pride

Chapter 8

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      As I stood waiting for Jax to come back, I got a sick feeling spreading through my body. My wolf was feeling un easy to. Like she didn't feel right in my body, she wanted out. What was going on? Was he in danger? 

     'Go after him.' I jumped at the sound of my wolf. She hasn't ever talked to me since I had changed. I could hear a little laugh, if you could call it that, come from her. 'I didn't want to talk til now.' 

   'But he told me to stay here. And thanks, for scaring me to death.' I tell her.

    I don't care what he said. He is our mate.....' She got cut off.

    'Angel, go run, they caught me.' I heard Jax's voice in my head. 

    They caught him? What the hell dose he mean by that? He wants me to run, leave him behind. Should I go?

  'Jax, what happen?'  I ask him.

   'Angel, its something more powerful. They know that you know about Sam. They are coming after you.' He tells me.

  I pick my bag up, sling it over my shoulder. 'Should we go and save our self's or go and save him?' I ask my wolf.

   She takes a few seconds but answers. 'Lets go save our mates ass.' Is all she says.

  I close my eyes, and sniff out his scent. I was walking back towards the road. But then the scent took a sudden turn. I was now walking to the right. As I got further into the woods. His scent was getting stronger. But there was other scents to. But not werewolf's, or humans. I have never smelled anything like this before. It smelled, dust and flowers. But something else was mixed into it to. But I just couldn't pin-point that smell out.

    It led me to this big clearing, I never knew was there. I hid behind a big oak tree. Watching what was going on. What I saw was nothing that I was thinking, was going to be happening. I thought it was our pack that had him. But I was wrong.

   There was five guys, around Jax. They had a circle around him, with one guy in the middle. He was talking to Jax. But what really had my mind reeling, was that these guys had blue light coming out of their hands. It was rounding it self around Jax's body. 

    "Where is she?" The man in front of Jax, asked him. But all that Jax did was spit in his face.

   That made the man mad.  He waved his hand fast, and then this red light come out of his hand. And went right across Jax's face, leaving a cut over his cheek. I wanted to scream out. But my wolf kept me from screaming. It was hurting her, but I could tell she was coming up with a plan.

  "I am going to ask this one more time. Where is this girl!?" He yelled. But Jax just shook his head.

   "I am not telling you shit!" He yelled at the man.

   The man was going to hit him again with that red light. But this time, I flung myself out from behind the tree. I ran up to the first guy. 'Calm your self. And see a red light come from your hand.' My wolf told me. What the hell dose she mean? I am a werewolf, not someone that has powers.

   But I just calmed down, looked at my hand and made myself see a red light come from my hand. 'Now make yourself see it go around his neck.' She said.

    I saw the red light go from my hand and around his neck, with out her even telling me, I knew what to do. I yanked my hand back, and the guys head fell off his shoulders. That got everyone's eyes on me. But before they could act. I moved both of my hands, making a green light come out. I knew it would be worse than the red. I hit two of the men, in the chest with it. They fell like dead flies, to the ground. 

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