chapter 16

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Lucy's POV:

The next morning, Natsu and I woke up bright and early to g meet Juvia and Grey for the mission.

As Natsu and I approached the train station, I noticed Natsu looked sick.

I put my hand on his shoulder, gaining his attention.

" Um Natsu, are you feeling ok? You look a little green?", I asked him in a concerned voice.

He only nodded and began walking faster.

I just sighed and ran to catch up.

We met up with Grey and Juvia, or Gruvia, and boarded the train.

As we took our seats, Gruvia sitting next to each other, and Natsu and I sitting across from them, I started explaining the mission since we still had about fifteen minutes before the train departed.

" Okay guys the job is really simple. All we have to do is go down to this small village called Roseville, and get rid of a monster that's been taking their women," I explained.

Juvia and Grey nodded and Natsu just let out a grunt.

We sat and chatted for about ten minutes, before the train started moving.

Hearing Natsu groan, I turned to look at him, and saw Natsu slumped in his seat, holding his hand against mouth.

I stared at him for a minute, before setting his head on my lap.

Giving me a weird look, I softly chuckled and began playing with his hair.

" A while back, my parents had to take an important business trip to a far away land, so they had to take a train. Sadly, the had once again left me at home so I didn't get to actually experience this for myself.", I began to explain to Natsu, also noticing Gruvia listening in.

" But my mother told me that my father gets horrible motion sickness.
So she told me that every time they got on anything labeled as transportation, she would put his head in her lap and pet his hair to lessen the affect."

Glancing down at Natsu, I noticed that his eyes were beginning to close.

" Is this helping anything?' I asked him quietly, still petting his head.

" He gave a small smile and nodded, snuggling deeper into my lap.

Closing my eyes, I smiled a little and decided to take a short nap.

Natsu's POV:

After two hours of pure hell, we finally reached our destination.

As the train stopped, everyone started rushing out the doors.

I slowly stood up and grabbed my bag, glancing down at Lucy.

I noticed that she was sleeping, and chuckled quietly when I saw a bit of drool hanging out of her mouth.

She's so adorable when she sleeps.

I was just about to pick her up, when suddenly, he eyes snapped open and she quickly stood up, grabbed her bag, and ran off the train.

I stood there for a minute, slightly frightened.

Slowly shaking my head to clear my thoughts, I quickly rushed off the train to meet up with the group.

After catching up with them, we discussed our plans for catching the beast as we walked towards the mayor's house.

Upon arriving at his house I felt great sorrow from the town.

This wave of sorrow had my demon senses tingling.

Lucy knocked on the door, and a minute later, a young man opened the door.

Smiling, he ushered everyone inside and asked us to take a seat.

After we were all seated, he began to give us more I formation on this creature we were supposed to capture.

" No one has ever seen this creature, we've only heard it. Every night, at about midnight, the creature sneaks into someone's house and steals a woman.

And every morning, just outside the forest, he leaves their dead body."

As he explained this, I felt waves of sorrow and hatred roll off him.

It really was delicious.

Lucy gave him a sad smile and stood up.

" Sir, we will get rid of this monster for you, I promise."

He just smiled at her.

We left after that, and went to go find a hotel to sleep in.

We soon found ourselves at the Happy Rooster inn.

Stepping inside, we all went to the front counter to see if they had any rooms available.

The woman at the counter smiled at everyone, and gave me a small wink.

" There are only two rooms available, so you guys might want to discuss sleeping arrangements."

I swear, it's like the Lord Almighty is forgiving me for my sins and taking me to heaven.

Grey and Juvia asked if they could share a room, in which left Lucy and I to share a room.

Lucy glanced at me, then slowly nodded.

Looking back at the woman behind the counter, she told her our sleeping arrangements, and took the keys.

Handing Grey and Juvia their set of keys, we all headed upstairs.

Our rooms were just down the hall from each other.

After saying goodbye to Juvia and Grey, Lucy and I entered our room together.

I grinned at the sight before me.

One bathroom, no couch.

And one bed.

Which meant one thing.

" Oi, Lucy, do you want the left side, or the right side?"
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