Chapter 1: A Night in Gotham

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You were walking on the cold damp sidewalk of Gotham City. You're a cop just permanently transferred from Keystone to Gotham. You had a suitcase in your hand and a bag on your back. You were walking for what seemed an eternity until you got to your apartment. In a way you were ecstatic and unhappy to be here. You thought of the pros and cons as you got to your room. 'Pros: I get to work with James Gordon aka the best Police Commissioner of all time, Batman (nuff said) and I get to pick on Superman.'. You got to the elevator cause your arms and spine were in extreme pain. 'Cons: The bad guys are notorious, I'm the new guy and this apartment is crappy.'. You just entered your room and it surprisingly wasn't crappy. You plopped your bag on your bed and the suitcase right on top. You really didn't need essentials cause you spent more times in the department than at home. You found a chair and a TV right in front of it. You sat down groggily and picked up the remote.

What you saw on TV disgusted you: Two-Face robbing a bank. Unbeknownst to you someone was looking at you through the window in a batsuit. You didn't know but you could actually feel the presence of someone else. Even though you were tired before this woke you up. You grabbed your gun and your coat and went through the window and you saw something move. You yelled as you put up your weapon "Freeze! Put your hands in the air!". The figure stopped and turned. You realized your mistake and saw a human sized bat. You lowered your weapon said "Sorry Batman. I didn't realize that it was you.". The figure said in a feminine voice "How did you think that I was Batman?".

You then made another mistake now realizing that it was Batgirl, the other Bat member. You said "Sorry bout that. I just got to Gotham and haven't had any sleep.". She said "I know. Batman has heard of your skills from both the KPD files and the Flash. He seems to trust you.". You seemed shocked to hear that Batman, THE GOD DAMN BATMAN, has heard of you. You said "Really?" and then you remembered the robbery and said "As much as I'd love to hear more about this I got someplace to be. See you around Batgirl.". You holstered your gun and ran to the edge of the building and jumped to the railing and slid down. You ran through the streets and you saw a garbage truck with goons tossing in trash bags with cash flowing out of it.

One thing noticed you and threw a punch. You caught it and with all your force broke all of his fingers. He was about to scream but you covered his mouth with your other hand. You then readjusted your hand from his fingers to his elbow and easily broke it. You threw him over you and punched him square in the face breaking his nose. You now unholstered your gun and went in. You turned the corner only to be punched in the face. You aimed your gun at the attacker only to be surrounded by henchmen in facemasks that were split down the middle and two different colors. Most guys would be scared shitless but you just stood there. But started sweating when you heard a ding.

You turned to see Harvey Dent, Two-Face. He said with a calm voice "So what should we do with you?". Then he said with a raspy voice "We'll him! Blast his brains out and end his miserable fucking existence!". You backed up a bit and he said with his calm voice "Let's let the coin decide." and he flipped his coin and it landed on a side you couldn't see. He said in his raspy "It's your lucky day punk." and hit you with the butt of his gun and said in a calm voice "You'll be perfect bait for Batman.". Your eyes were slowly closing and you saw a henchmen pick his foot up and hit you and all you saw was darkness. Cold, silent darkness. All you could do is wait. Wait in darkness, alone.

A/N: FINALLY it's out! Sorry about the delay. I had some issues with this cause of my family and me recently getting a girlfriend. For some reason this kinda made me uneasy at the beginning. But it's cleared up now. Enjoy. Plus there's gonna be another poll up in my conversations. Have a good day/night.

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