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LIKE SAID BEFORE, JAMES was such an indecisive person

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LIKE SAID BEFORE, JAMES was such an indecisive person. But somehow he was on a private jet, heading to the Spanish capital for his presentation with Real Madrid.

He decided to return to Madrid, once again– the club he would always love. Madrid would always be his home away from home.

Before he knew it, he was stepping out of the vehicle that brought him to the Santiago Bernabéu. He was immediately greeted by the fans. He loved everything about being here, he thought that everything about Real Madrid was just amazing.

James had finally finished signing his new contract with Florentino Pérez, and now his actual presentation would commence.

He smiled, flashes going off every second– practically almost leaving him blind. James smiled and held up the same number ten jersey, that he owned two years ago. The number ten that everyone knew him by in Madrid.

He gave a few small statements on his return, and how he would try his best to earn his spot on the team. But as he stood up there, he couldn't help but get nostalgia as he remembered his previous presentation with Real Madrid.

His family was there, cheering for him being extremely proud of their son– like they always were, and always would be. But the only difference now was that he didn't see that familiar smile anymore. The smile that made his heart melt. He didn't see Natalia smiling there, being extremely proud of him.

James flashed everyone a toothy smile before being taken to the locker room, where he would put on his kit and go to the pitch to greet the fans. When he had entered the locker room, he felt relieved that he was finally home. Heading up to the pitch, felt amazing, he felt like he was reliving his dreams from his childhood once again.

After the entire presentation was over, he noticed Cristiano, Sergio and a couple of his teammates standing there, waiting for him. They all hugged James, welcoming James once again.

"We're heading to a restaurant right now, I thought you should join us since we are going to celebrate your return," Cristiano said, with a smile.

"Yeah, of course," James said and followed his friends.


James sat with his teammates, most of them listen to the nonsense Marcelo was saying or either eating.

"So how was Munich?" Sergio asked as everyone looked at James.

"Uhm, it was pretty great," James answered. "Have you guys seen Natalia around?" He added.

"Yeah, I had breakfast with her and Alice yesterday morning, why?" Álvaro said.

"I did too, well I was with her during the afternoon," Raphaël added.

"No, no reason. Just asking," James said, with a small laugh, to make things seem less awkward. Since when were Raphaël and Natalia close, he thought.

"Aww, James still has a crush on Natalia. How cute!!" Marcelo exclaimed.

"No, I don't. I was just asking," James said.

"Oh sure," Isco mumbled. "So, you guys planning to get back or what?" Isco joked.

James wished they would, but that would never happen. Natalia would probably ignore him and never talk to him after what happened, he wouldn't blame her if she didn't want to talk to him.

"We haven't talked in a while. It's not happening," he laughed, trying to hide that his heart actually hurt because he knew that there was no possibility of them get back together ever.

"Let's all make a toast for Jamesito retuning to Madrid," Cristiano interrupted. Which James was very thankful for him doing it because he didn't want to continue talking about him and Natalia.

"To James," they mumbled, as they raised the glass. "For his return to Madrid!" Marcelo exclaimed.

For the rest of the night, all he thought about was Natalia. Quite frankly, she was all he thought about today and every other day.

He still wondered if they would still be together if everything had stayed the same between them. But he would never know because everything had changed.

"Hey buddy what are you thinking about?" Cristiano asked as he noticed that his friend was very quiet and just seemed to stare at random things.

"Nothing," James muttered, shrugging his shoulders.

"Are you okay?" Cristiano asked.

"Why would I be? I'm fine Cris," James laughed, trying to stop his friend from asking more questions.

so i'm pretty pissed rn, because i was finishing up this chapter, and for some reason it didn't save. so i had to rewrite it all (as much as i could remember), so blame wattpad for this horrible, shitty and short update.

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