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Ch.34 Again

Kai just stares off into space everyday nearly 24/7, his down to earth personality has completely vanished.

He would even accidently skip classes sometimes.

Thinking of this I remembered what happened the other day.

*Flash back*

I was walking around the halls trying to ignore the angered look some girls were giving me, as I passed them in the hall. They skip class all the time but I was on my way to visit Frisk who was in the nurse office, I made an excuse and got a hall pass.

I was wondering why someone would beat up Frisk, when blue fur caught my eye.

I looked to see the wolf like teen who had been distressed for days.

"Kai?" I said earning his attention.

"Huh? Oh, sorry Fresh... Were you telling me something?" He asked tiredly dazed as my stare soften on him.

"No, but I wanted to ask if your okay." I stated as he smiled weakly but it dropped almost instantly.

"Thank you I'm not fine." He sighed.

"Do you want to talk about it?" I asked as he seemed a little surprised.

"Don't you have to be somewhere though?" Kai asked as I waved my hand dismissively.

"Yeah, but Frisk would understand why I came a little late. Whats wrong?" I asked him as he sighed.

"It's just...the other day, when Garte was arrested I was surprised. I mean yeah it isn't the first time but...this time it was diffrent. Normally when he did something bad he would blame it on me, but he took the blame. Plus Garte would never attempt murder, selling drugs yes, stealing yes, but killing is off his list. I guess what I saying is...he's innocent...Do you believe me?" Kai asked staring into my eyes for any trace of hope that he isn't the only one who believes in his brother.

I remembered not being able to convince the cops Garte wasn't guilty.

"...Yeah, I do." I replied.

*Flashback over*

I feel horrible for him, I don't think I could ever see myself handling it as well as he is if i was in his shoes.

"Hey, Fresh? Do you think this is okay?" Asriel asked as I looked over at the gifts.

It was a picture of Aito, Frisk, Savage, and Asriel in Paris in front of the Eiffel Tower. They took that picture on a travel club feild trip. And with the picture was a small envelope and a red rose.

Your probably wondering what this is about. Well, Asriel has a crush. I wouldn't be surprised if you all thought his crush was Frisk, but shockingly it isn't. Aito is his crush and Asriel has been slightly stressing on how to confess...and mostly to come out to his parents, but I'm sure they'll understand since their always so kind and considerate.

"Its perfect. He'll love it." I said noting it was Aito's favorite picture out of all the pictures they took while at the Eiffel Tower.

"Great, thanks for helping me out. Oh and make sure you got Mr.Gaster's homework done before 7th period, I better go and make sure Frisk and Amber got it done. See ya partner!" Asriel waved with a cheerful smile walking off.

I waved back with my own smile, I turned back to see the busy hall way full of pre-teen's and teenager's.

I sighed for no reason at all about to continue my way to find Alphys and Papyrus, they were probably with Sans(UT), and the new Dean of the school Jessica talking happily.

I walked down the rowdy hall opening the door and walking towards the court yard, once I made I skimmed the court yard.

Savage, Ivory, Vaan, Blueberry, and another student with snow white hair and neon green eyes were talking all their cares away.

Reboot and Eraser were talking too while glancing at Trinity every now, and then.

Trinity was with Kai, seeming to be reassuring him, as i could tell he was continuously thanking her with grateful smiles.

Shifteh was with Castiel seeming to be arguing over something, probably over another dumb reason like last time.

Dream sat with Palete and Goth, seeming to be enjoying their company.

PJ and his friends were all talking about the up coming basket ball game, as some girls were practically throwing themselves at PJ. I felt a little agitated by this but geld it in.

The Dean or in other words Jessica's little sister, Jennifer was speaking to a emo kid with black hair that covered his right eye, wore a mask and had sky blue eyes.

Finally I found Alphys, another person with blonde hair and blue eyes, Sans, Jessica, and a flustered Papyrus.

I went to walk over to them but just when I was about to take a step towards them, until some one pulled me around the corner of the school buliding.

I found myself pinned against a wall and was shocked when I realized who it was.

A human with tan skin, hazel eyes, and forest green dyed hair stared deeply into my eyes seeming surprised at first. He wore a grey hoodie, and black jeans with dark brown boots. There was something familiar about this person...

"Oh, well haven't we met before cutie?" He asked as I tried getting out of his grip.

"Get off me!" I said panicking at the physical contact I was forced into.

"Woah, calm down. I was just joking sheesh! Do you really not remember me?" He asked setting me down as I looked at him curiously.

Was I suppose to remember him at all or is he just messing with me?

"Well, jeez it's great seeing you again too pal." He huffed holding out his hand for me to shake, but I just starred at him confused.

"My names Remo, I was your bestfriend in 1st grade. I moved because my mom wanted to be near my aunt." Remo said I finally some what remembered the small boy that lived across from me who once had black hair.

"Oh, right. Um...Remo Alexander Smith right?" I asked as he nodded with a smile.

We talked a little catching up on things, of course I didn't tell him what happened though since it wasn't really his buisness to know. Child hood friend or not.

Eventually we both left the bathroom still talking but eventually splitted up, seeing as he had to meet up with his basket ball team and I had to speak to Alphys and Papyrus.

No matter how hard I tried though, there was something else about Remo that seemed awfully familiar...

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