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Ch.53  Unfortunate

I ran down the hallways, avoiding all the glitter covered slime Savage threw at us.

"You'll never escape my wrath! NEVER!!!" Savages yelled out chasing after me and PJ.

"Why did you tell her that her idea was inferior!?" I asked as PJ ran just as fast.

"I didn't say her idea was inferior; I said her idea was dumb, unnecessary,  and a complete waste of time! Theres a difference!" He said as I rolled my eyes.

", not really!" I stated as we ran to the double door.

The moment we were out side we ducked behind the corner, and right after we did that Savage was out looking around.

"I'm going to find you two and when I do you will suffer my wrath!!!" She shouted.

I knew we would both suffer from being covered in glittery slime that Savage randomly made, she came up with an Idea we could do after school but PJ said it was dumb. She got pissed off because that was all she could think of that didn't cost money, she had the glitter slime she made ready to throw at him.

I knew that if she threw that in Mrs.Williams class room neither Mrs.Williams, or Mr.Asgore would be happy about the class room being covered in glitter. So i tried claming her down while defending PJ, but she thought I was taking his side and so that led up to our current situation.

"What are you two doing? Your not going to do PDA are you?" I instantly recognized that voice and look over to see Goth smirking at us, as we became flustered and shocked at his statement.

"No! We're not! Shouldn't you be making out with Palette in the Library!" PJ whispered shouted at him as his face turned into a majenta color, however his comment didn't faze the bookworm at all.

"Oh my bad i forgot to tell you that I already did." Goth stated with a smirl as he watched PJ cringe.

"Ew, what ever.  Will you ever stop telling me that your seducing my brother in law?" PJ stated as Goth shook his head.

"Nope, not until you grow some balls and ask him already!" Gith stated as PJ picked up and threw a stick at Goth, who dodged walking away as he laughed.

"Ask what?" I asked I looked to PJ as his face went from a dull majenta to a vibrant majenta.

"Uh, nothing! It's nothing!" He stated  quickly.

"Come on you have to tell me now!" I insisted catching up to PJ as he walked away.

"Um...I'll tell you later in the lunch room, I have to go talk to someone now. See ya later nerd." PJ stated walking off in another direction, as I continued in the same direction staring at him confused as he walked away.

Savages POV

"Where the hell did th- PJ!" I shouted shoving some rude students out of the way as i stomped toward the jock.

"You freaking as-"

"I need your help." He said abruptly curring me off, I looked at him confused.

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