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Ch.33 I can't

" It's about damn time!" Savage rolled her eyes at my stupidity for not realizing I was into guys sooner.

I guess I should have seen it coming since I never really like girls in a romantic way, so I can't blame her for her reaction.

No. I didn't tell her about the kiss, I would die by how bad she would be fan girling. It's been a week after that whole ideal any way, I just told her of my realization.

Im just surprised she didn't squeal at this information, especially since I rarely admit things like this.

"Well? You can't just tell me your gay and not tell who your crush is, spill le beans!" She said as I blushed shaking my head.

I didn't tell her who either but she probably already knows.

"Go and try to talk or hang out with him more, maybe things will work out." She said as I glanced at the concrete below my feet.

If only she knew it wasn"t that easy...

"Maybe...hey, I'll talk to you more later. I need to head to Mr.Inks before the bell rings." I stated.

She nodded and walked off but truthfully I lied, I looked up at the tree to see Cross up there once again looking down at Dream as they carried their conversation.

I sigh wishing I could have done something more last week when everything happened, but it was too late to react to that at the moment.

"Hi Fresh..." I turned a bit to see Trinity.

"Hey, it's been a while since we've had an actual conversation huh?" I said smiling down at the dark boned skeleton.

She smiled light mumbling a yeah, something was bothering her for sure.

"Whats wrong?" I asked as we walked away from the crowded area.

"I...I've been getting bullied lately." She said.

"My brother and Earaser are apart of the travel club and are going to Algeria today, and won't be back for the rest of the week...Brenda, Sierra, and Heather are messing with me now... Im afraid, what if Kai see's? I don't know how'll he react..." She said. (I put the name Heather and my mind instaly drifted to Heathers the musical lol)

"When did this start?" I asked getting a little upset.

Trinity is nothing but a absolute sweet heart to everyone...well a shy sweet heart but still! Why would anyone bully her!?

"After 5th period when we go to lunch, they have the class across from mine." She replied as I nodded.

"Alright I need you to rush outside after the bell rings, I'll meet up with you at the door as soon as I can alright?" I asked as she nodded.

The bell went off signaling we go to 1st period.

I walked into the gym locker room and avoided eye contact with the guys in there, the only ones I had any eye contact with at all in here is Papyrus, PJ, and now Aito who I met last week after the incident.

I got changed quickly and made sure no one saw me put the shades on, I just might have to keep this with me now that I think about it.

"Hey Fresh, what's up?" Aito asked as I turned to face him.

He was human. He had salmon pink hair and eyes with pale ivory skin, with a red a white scarf wrapped around his neck. He wore a blue shirt and dark blue jeanz and sneakers. He had a calm, friendly, yet shy feeling when ever you would see him.

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