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One thousand years ago, a powerful being ruled over Earth and everyone in it, her name was Azura.

She was kind and caring, raised to be a proper lady, and dreamt of finding love. Now, you wouldn't see her walking down the street or at your local post office or anything like that. Azura and her servants were invisible to the naked eye, and only another like her would be able to lay their eyes on her.

Then, when Azure turned eighteen, on one of her daily strolls through the streets of San Francisco, she met him.

A dashing young man who couldn't take his eyes off the radiant young lady in front of him.

Azura and the young man, Lucifer, eventually fell in love and got married. Lucifer ruled alongside Azura, and as the happy couple created weather, day, night and life, they couldn't be happier.

But it was not to be.

The humans of the world began to disagree. The churches began to punish sinners and dictators began to wipe out those considered unworthy of being alive. Many people wanted freedom, others didn't. Many people wanted one thing, while others wanted another.

And so, the human race waged war on itself.

Many precious lives were lost, tossed away, never to be lived again.

This angered Lucifer. All of Azura's hard work. All of her loneliness. And this is how they repay her? By making weapons that kill and using them against each other?

Lucifer knew something needed to be done. With each battle they fought Azura grew weaker, and he refused to lose her.

Lucifer decided to undermine the human race, using his power to create life he planted a gene in randomly chosen humans. When they came of age, sixteen to be exact, the gene would kick in, and the human would become a powerful creature. One of six, a ghast, a dragon, a pixie, a nymph, an angel or a demon.

When this gene kicked in, they would turn into a killing machine and attempt to wipe out dangerous humans.

Lucifer believed what he was doing was righteous and was justice, but Azura disagreed.

She was furious about the situation and cast Lucifer out, leaving him with no wife and no home.

Blinded by rage, Lucifer continued his gene placement. This time, they turned into criminals, psychopaths and stone cold murderers.

As the years went on, a young boy who was celebrating his sixteenth birthday, managed to resist the temptation to kill, and tried to seek out help.

Azura was able to reach out to the boy, and although she was still weak, she was gaining her power back.

Lucifer continued to create evil and sadistic people, and Azura knew no one was safe. So she opened up a school. A school where those who managed to resist Lucifer's temptation would be sent and trained to combat his creations and keep the world safe.

She called it 'Viribus Academy Of Resistance', or VAOR. As the numbers gradually grew, so did Azura's power and authority.

Soon the school was a successful secret organisation that regularly sent it's assassinations out to fight Lucifers puppets.

However, resisting came with a price.

That price was death.

Once you resisted the urge to kill and didn't become a puppet, you were somehow killed before you could be taken to the school.

Asher Marrens was torn from his family after he resisted the temptation to put a fire poker through someone's heart. Once his life had been taken, he was brought to Viribus.

Where he was put in Classroom 213

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