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Hey y'all!! So I started a new story! If y'all would like to check it out, it's called Nellie.


Nellie Thomas, a 18 year old that's parents had an affair? Her mother and her father were in love, but her mother, Margaret, was married. Nellies father, John, did not know at the time.

So when Nellie was born, Margaret and John agreed it was best for Nellie and her father to leave. But through all of this Margarets husband, William, is at war and has no idea of his wifes affair.

So now it's year 1901, Nellie is all grown up. But Nellie doesn't know that Nellies mother, isn't her real mother.

You see, John decided to get married and say that, that was her mother.

But what happens when Nellie finds out?

Well it's simple, when she finds out, she wants to meet her mother.

But most of all...

Will she ever believe in love again?

So that's it for today! I'm working on a new chapter for TGG (The Gangleader's Girl) right now! Sorry I haven't updated, I'm just swamped with work :-/

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