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010. ❛ pool party fiasco.

THE DAYS DIDN'T GET EASIER AND SHE DIDN'T EXPECT THEM TO, WITH EVERY BREATH SHE WAS STRUGGLING TO MAINTAIN THE FAKE COMPOSURE THAT HAD BEEN FOOLING HER FRIENDS. BUT FELICIA KNEW IT WASN'T GOING TO LAST FOREVER, SOONER OR LATER THEY'D SUSPECT. So, she had to do her best to keep up the act. Although it pained her inside to keep it all to herself, she didn't see any other way. No matter how hard she cried in the empty stalls of the bathroom, no fake smile or laugh could supplement a real one. Felicia was on a downward spiral even if others didn't notice.

Felicia got through most days, but others costed her a lot of strength to get out of bed and look herself in the mirror. To see the weak girl looking back at her, not to mention every part of her skin being covered at all times. The wardrobe she once had was now neglected for more baggy and simple shirts and pants. The blonde hair that was bright as the sun sometimes, covered her ears and most of her face in class. Makeup that covered her face sometimes no longer was put on her face, in case that they'd call her names. At least that's the story she made up to cover up the real reason. The one day that changed Felicia's whole life.

A loss in appetite plagued her as well and she could tell that she had weight loss because of it. At home, she'd try to eat the best that she could but it didn't appeal to her anymore. But at school, she'd stay away for it as possible but it's not like her friends didn't start to notice.

Felicia played with her food, twirling the spaghetti with the fork as her mind wandered aimlessly listening to the bits and pieces of her friends conversation. Surrounded by Harry, Mary Jane, Gwen, and Peter, the conversation flowed from the new play that MJ was the lead role to the talk of the disappearance of Felicia during the school assembly. The nudge of Mary Jane's elbow brushing Felicia was enough to grasp her back to reality.

"Why weren't you there, Leesh? We saved you a seat and everything." Gwen asked making her heart rate accelerate because she knew that she couldn't lie her way from this one. Harry and Peter had seen her go into the bathroom, crying almost. The tiniest fib was enough to make them suspect. All eyes were on her and she couldn't tell if they had broken through her masked face.

"My mom came for me," Felicia lied. "I went to the bathroom and then a teacher told me that I was being picked up."

With Peter seated in front of her, she couldn't help from straying away from his eyes when he looked at her when Felicia lied. Something in his sight made her think that he knew something. She hated lying but it wasn't forever, at least she convinced herself of that.

"Getting off the topic of that assembly, is everybody still on for the pool party today?" Harry asked catching Felicia off guard from his event. "Are you going, Felicia?"

The palms of her hand started getting sweaty and she rubbed them off on her pants. A pool party were events that she was once interested in, but no longer find the loving nature she had for it. Water was fine, her friends were fine, the food was fine. But the idea of her going and what was holding her back was the first and only reason; her skin. She couldn't show up in the clothing she had on. There were going to be many more eyes looking at her, and not for her name. The fact that Felicia was going to show up in other clothing beside a bathing suit was going to cause a lot of talk between people.

Once again, all eyes were on her and she didn't know what to respond. If she said yes, then she'd be a laughing stock. And if she said no, she'd give a reason for her friends to suspect. Felicia was on a wheel that kept spinning further and further out of control.

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