Chapter 11: Morning running and check books

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“Yeah…I’ll set you up tomorrow. Right now I’m exhausted. There’s a spare room across from my room that you can have.” She looked to awed to speak. That’s okay though, I didn’t want to make it a huge thing. I have to be cautious with her now. We walked inside and I showed her, her room she’ll be staying in. “Goodnight.” I kissed her cheek without thought and walked away without another word.







Chapter 11:



Gordon’s POV:



My alarm went off making me groan in annoyance. I was half tempted to just skip again, but I knew Jenna was coming here in a few hours, and if she knew I was skipping…I’d probably lose my ear from her pulling on it so hard. I heard a yip coming from the corner. Peeping my eyes open I spotted Lily hunched by the door ready to go pee right then and there. Oh crap!



“Lily! No!” I sprung up and ran with her facing away from me. As soon as I got out side and set her down she peed….right on the deck. How awesome! If you didn’t catch that I used the scarcely used art of sarcasm. She looked up at me with large wide eyes, making me sigh, “You’re not in trouble…it was my fault, I didn’t let you out when I was home.” She wagged her tail wildly hitting my leg a few times making it sting. Man those things hurt! I stepped further away from her to stay away from the whip.




“Well, I guess I’m up for school, no thanks to you.” I muttered. She yipped at me causing me to smile slightly. Shaking my head I stepped back inside with Lily in tow. I went upstairs to wake Isis for school. We needed to get there slightly early if we wanted to enroll her. The only paperwork that mattered was my parent’s checkbook. The office would simply look the other way if I gave the right number.




“Isis.” I called out, knocking on the door. I didn’t hear anything so I cautiously walked in to see a lump on the full bed. The shades were drawn and she was snoring so lightly I could barely hear. I spotted Hazam by the foot of her bed dead asleep. Sighing, I stepped up to her bed to wake her.



“Isis…wake up.” I spoke softly and shook her. She stirred but otherwise stayed asleep. Smiling and chuckling to myself I shook her more roughly earning me a groan. “Go. Away.” She grunted out. I had to stifle a laugh. Climbing up I began to jump near her body causing her to yelp, “Get off!” She exclaimed. I bounced too high causing Hazam to fly off of the bed and a few feet away from the bed. That did it as I fell to the ground busting up laughing. Clutching my sides I looked to him to see he hissed my way.

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