Akatsuki - 7 Minutes in Heaven

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“Put me down you ****ing ****hole!” you scream as Hidan walks into the living room of the Akatsuki hideout, with you slung over his shoulder with a blood red face of pure rage. He drags you over to the couch, slumping you down and lounging himself down next to you. In an attempt to run, you immediately try to jump up, only to be yanked back down and held in place by Hidan and Itachi, who you now sat in between

“Calm down (name)” Pein, their leader, forcing your emotions to a heated silence. Hidan merely smirked at you as you tried to pull your arm away from him, only to gain his tighter grip. “We’re going to play a game”

“Oooooooooooooooooh a game! Tobi likes games! Tobi’s a good boy!” the orange masked man squealed in delight as Deidara, the blonde haired male, gave him a deadly glare.

“Tobi isn’t allowed to play, cause TOBI IS A ****ING ANNOYING BOY!” he screamed, sending Tobi to hide behind a rather shocked Zetzu, who merely remained silent with the ever rising tension. You roll your eyes, thinking of a million other things you could be doing when Konan brings out a small hat.

“Everyone place something in the hat” she ordered, grinning as you placed in a small bracelet, barely caring at the fact you still had two guys clutching your arm.  Once everyone had placed something inside the hat, Konan looked directly at you “Your first (name)”

“Wait, why me?” you exclaim as Hidan just smirked with great delight.

“Because you’re the only girl playing? Lady’s first and all that ****” he spat at you, allowing his attention down enough for you to elbow him violently in the ribcage. He just remained dead still as he looked down, reminding you he enjoyed all pain given to him, and really couldn’t care less.

“Urgh…” you mumble, reaching your hand into the hat…

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