Shalnark - New Character

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Shalnark is so cute!!!! Let's keep this short and simple. Okay?


How You Met:
You met at an electronic shop. You were going to buy a phone the seller was persuading you to buy. It was expensive, but apparently it was the best one there. A male with wide green eyes, and blond hair, however, saved you. There was a pretty cheap phone, and it was 5x better than the one you were about to buy.

He introduced himself as Shalnark, and you introduced yourself, thanked him, then left.


Becoming Friends:
You were walking down the street to a new tech place coming soon, and you happened to bump into Shalnark. This time, he had three other people with him. But you really didn't care, you focused on Shalnark. He noticed you, and ran up to you. "Hi!!" He said. You smile back. "Hey" you guys talked, but his friends rushed him to leave. So he did. But before he left, you two exchanged numbers.

Later that day, you got a text from him, asking if you wanted to meet up somewhere. You agreed, and went out to get food and drinks. Ever since then, you became good friends.


You were at your house, and a knock on your door made you get up from your couch. You opened the door, and it was Shalnark bouncing around.
"Did you get it?! Did you get it?!" He asked excitedly.

"Get what?"

"You didn't? Well, I'll send it to you now then!"

You raised an eyebrow, and got a buzz from your phone. You look, and it was a text from Shalnark that read I like you! Be my girlfriend? ❤
You laughed at his silliness, and hugged him

"I'm... Guessing that's a yes?!"



Holding Hands:
You were sitting on your couch as always. But this time, you were just sitting. Literally just sitting. You weren't bored or anything, you just had nothing to do. Suddenly your door burst open. Shalnark. You had absolutely no idea how he kept getting in, but whatever.

He picked you up, spun you around, and smiled widely. "Eh?? Why are you so happy?"

"We're going out all day!!"

"Don't you have work?"

"It's an off day!!" Shalnark said with a wink. He took your hand, and you froze a bit. It was a warm feeling. He practically dragged you out of your own home, and you guys went to the movies, arcade, ice cream, and more movies.


First Kiss:

It went down like this:

Shalnark: hey, Y/n
You: hm?
Shalnark: you wanna see a trick?
You: sure I guess
Shalnark: close your eyes.
One you closed your eyes, you felt something on your lips, and you immediately kissed back, knowing it was Shalnark. You both parted, and he smiled.
Shalnark: what do you think?
You: cool trick
Shalnark: I knew it.


That's Cute On You:

You stared at Shalnark with confusion. A new phone just came out, and you couldn't work it.
"How do you turn up the volume?!"

"Y/n, it's the back. I told you"

"That's so dumb! Oh my gawd!"

"Wait, is it even turned on?!"

"No, I couldn't find the button..."



"You're so confused..." Shalnark whispered, and smiled. "It's cute on you"


You dropped your phone in the toilet--- don't ask. You freaked out, and went to take it out, but... There was already urine in there. You pouted, and put on seven layers of thick black gloves. You put on a doctors mask, a hair net, and a suit that looked similar to and astronaut's. You squealed and fished  your phone out, and quickly bagged it, then threw it away.

You growled, and got dressed in something else, and got ready to buy a new phone. As you walked downstairs, you saw Shalnark. You growled, and stomped pass him. "Woah! You're angry"

"Ya think?!"

"No, I guessed"

"Move it! Rotten banana head!"

"Eeehhh??? Y/n?! That was mean.."
He sighed, and went back downstairs pouting. You sighed, and stomped towards him.

"I'm sorry, Shalnark... I shouldn't have said that" (anyone else think of BEN?!)

"That's okay! You just have to kiss me now!" You rolled your eyes, and leaned down, placing your lips on his. You parted.



When you got to your house, you found Shalnark sitting on your couch. You smile, and he smiled sadly. "You okay Shalnark?" You ask.

"Yeah, just been a pretty rough day at work" he said.

"It seems work causes you a lot of stress. Ever think about finding a new job?"

"No! I can't do that. It's okay though. I don't want a new job anyway. The one I have is the best"

"Where do you work anyway?"

"Not important"

"Well, alright. Okay, let's cuddle. It always solves problems for me!" You jump onto the couch next to him, and wrap your arms around him, snuggling onto his chest.

He wraps his arms around you, and you guys cuddle for hours! ❤

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