Chapter 2

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It was a saturday and Junhui was looking at dogs on the internet. He pouted, he always wanted a dog or puppy.

Junhui decided to get one since he had enough money and he thinks he's responsible enough to take care of one.

He remembered that there was a pet shop near his workplace. He took his keys and walked out of his apartment and drove there.

It was quite late when he came but he hoped that they were still opened. He walked in, not expecting the worker there to be really attractive.

"Hello! Welcome to Bright Pets! How may I  help you?" he asked.

"Do you perharps have a husky?" Junhui asked and the worker nodded.

"Yes we do, right this way." he then showed Junhui the huskies.

Junhui's eyes were shining brightly as he looked at the huskies. One husky caught his eyes. It was a brown baby husky.

He was gonna tell the worker until he saw him smiling softly at the huskies. Junhui couldn't help but stare at him.

When he realised that the worker saw him staring at him, Junhui quickly looked away blushing.

"I-I'll take this one." Junhui said pointing at the baby husky.

The worker nodded and carefully passed the baby husky to Junhui. Junhui decided to buy everything which was needed for the baby husky before paying for everything.

Junhui thanked the worker before quickly rushing out of the store. Junhui blushed a bit in embarrassment.

He looked down at the baby husky with a smile. "I'm gonna take great of you."

The husky happily barked back at Jun making Junhui smile more. He went back home with a baby husky and the memory of the worker softly smiling at the huskies.

Junhui placed all of the husky things in his living room and the baby husky ran around happily.

He placed his bowl down and opened a bag of dog food and put some inside it.

The baby husky ran back but stopped as it noticed the food. It walked over to where Junhui was and dug into their food.

Junhui decided to make a name for it.

"Koko? That's common. Junnie? No."

"Ugh this is hard!" Junhui said falling to the ground.

"Huihui!" Junhui suddenly thought of it.

It was kinda dumb but Junhui found the name adorable.

Huihui barked happily, approving the name. Junhui smiled and patted Huihui.

Jun decided to go take a shower and get ready to sleep. After he took a shower and dried his hair, he couldn't help but think of the boy who worked at the pet shop.

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