Chapter Five

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Chapter Five

I lean against the railing humming a song, watching as we pull up into Tortuga.

    “What song are you singing?” Will comes up beside me. I glance at him before answering.

    “Just a song.”

    “What’s the song called?”

    “Hoist the colours.”

“Rose.” Jack calls from the wheel. I look at Jack. “You shouldn’t sing that song.” Jack warns.

“Why not?” Will asks.

“It summons all the pirate lords together. Calls for a meeting of the brethren court.” I explain.

“Which is exactly why you shouldn’t sing it.” Jack comments. I roll my eyes.

“I was only humming.” I mutter under my breath. The Interceptor comes up to the dock and Jack hops off tying the boat to the dock. “Come on Will.” I gesture for him to follow as I jump down onto the dock. “What’s the plan Jack?”

“We find Gibbs.”

“Gibbs?” I ask. Jack gives me a look. He then starts to lead us through the streets of Tortuga. I’d gotten used to the streets littered with trash...and drunks...guns being fired, but Will...probably not. Jack leads us down a small alley and onto one of the main streets. Jack is explaining something to Will that I could care less about.

“More importantly,” Jack elbows me. “It is indeed a sad life that has never breathed deep the sweet proliferous bouquet that is Tortuga.” Jack takes a stick looking thing from a man walking by. “Savvy? What do you think?” He asks gesturing around. Will takes a moment to look around.

“It’ll linger.” He says.

“I’ll tell you mate, if every town in the world were like this one, no man would ever feel unwanted.” Jack tells Will as I snort. A woman in a reddish dress walks up to Jack. “Scarlett!” Jack exclaims just before the woman slaps Jack. “Not sure I deserved that.” I raise my eyebrows. A new woman in a green dress walks up to Jack. “Giselle.”

“Who was she?” She asks.

“What?” Jack sounds confused. Giselle slaps Jack. “I may have deserved that.” I sigh following Jack through the streets. Jack orders Will and I to get two buckets of water. We find Gibbs in a pig pin asleep. Jack takes my bucket throwing it at Gibbs.

“Curse you for breathing you slack-jawed idiot!” Gibbs cried drawing a knife and waving it around. Gibbs notices Jack. “Mother’s love! Jack!” He puts his knife away. “You should know better than to wake a man when he’s sleeping. It’s bad luck.” I snort. “Rose, it’s true and you know it!” Gibbs points a finger at me.

“Ah. Fortunately I know how to counter it.” Jack moves to crouch near Gibbs. “The man who did the waking buys the man who was sleeping a drink. The man who was sleeping drinks it, while listening to a proposition from the man who did the waking.” Gibbs ponders Jack’s words for a moment then his face lights up.

“Aye. That’ll about do it.” Jack helps Gibbs up and Will throws his bucket of water at Gibbs. “Blast! I’m already awake!” Gibbs shouts.

“That was for the smell.” Will explains. Gibbs opens his mouth to argue then closes it. He gives a “ya, alright” look. Jack leads up to one of the taverns. There’s a huge fight going on, but Jack passes through without a problem.

“Keep a sharp eye.” He tells Will. I stand beside Will leaning against the pole as Jack goes to talk to Gibbs. I can hear what their saying, but keep my attention on the people around us.

“Why did you become a pirate?” Will asks out of no where. I whirl at him blinking in shock.

“ stupid as it sounds, it was to get back at my father. Elizabeth was always his favorite, while I was cast aside. When we arrived in Port Royal he sent me to boarding school.”

“That was why you disappeared!” Will interrupts.

“Yes. I was at boarding school for three years and I hated every second of it. On a class trip I ended up getting lost and Jack found me. He tried to take me as ransom. Needless to say I was more interested with the fact that he was a pirate then the actual kidnapping. Jack took me in seeing my eagerness to learn what it was like to be a pirate. He thought that he could change my mind, get me to leave. He was sadly mistaken. We threatened the headmaster and one of the girls so it would seem like I was still at boarding school. They would send us updates on my Father’s wishes. Two years after I became Bella Rose, I was branded a pirate.” I touch the spot where the brand touched my skin. Will takes it looking at the brand. He traces the brand before letting my hand go.

“I’m sorry.” He says earnestly.

“It wasn’t your fault. It was mine. You have nothing to be sorry about. Jack says something that causes Will to look back. A drunk harlot comes up to Will pressing her body to his. I fix her with a glare that says ‘back off! He’s mine’. A drunk man comes taking the woman away while glaring at Will. I step in front of Will giving the man a glare of my own.

“Thank you.” Will says. I nod in return. Jack and Gibbs finish their conversation.

“Jack where are we staying until morning?” Jack looks at me. He then leads us out of the tavern. We stop outside a sorry excuse for a hotel. He leads us inside asking for four room.

“I won’t be staying here Jack. I’ve gotta find you a crew.” Gibbs walks away and Jack refines his request.

“Three room please.” The man behind the counter hands Jack three keys. Walking up the stairs I try not to grimace. I’ve stayed at worst, but then far better. Jack stops outside one of the rooms gesturing to me. I take the key and open the door. Locking the door behind me, I take in the room with the single candle I hold. Stripping down I leave the candle on the bedside table and crawl into bed. The sheets are scratchy and I can’t help feel like they aren’t very clean. Praying the lock on the door holds I fall into darkness as sleep claims me.

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