Mc. Donald's.

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~Chapter Ten.~


"So, I see you're my partner, eh?"

I shrug my shoulders. "I guess?"

He nods his head very slowly. "I was thinking..." He trails off.

"Well, that's new."

He looks caught off guard for a second, then his signature smirk comes back on. "Well, the nerd has jokes."

Okay, so here is something I don't get...He tells everyone to leave me alone and not to call me a names, But he just called me a nerd. Maybe he's bipolar?

I just shrug my shoulders at him again, and look down at my hands.

He rolls his eyes. "Like I was saying before...I was thinking that I could maybe, take you out to eat."

I look up at him, and give him a 'Are you crazy look' then say in my best polite voice. "No thank you."

His whole face dissolves from a cocky look, to disappointed. He kinda looks like a puppy. "Why not?" He asks me.

"Well, one" I lift up my index finger. "I don't know you. Two" I hold up two fingers. "You're mean to me, and just because you 'Change' all of a sudden, doesn't mean I'll go out with you. Three " I now am holding up three fingers. "I don't like you. And four" I hold up four fingers. "You have a girlfriend. So, no. I will not go on a date with you."

He smiles his cocky smile again. "I wasn't asking you on a date. What if I just wanted to go as friends? But, since you want to go on a date with me so bad, I'll be pleased to take you out."

I feel my face burning with a blush. "No." Is all I say.

"Okay. I'll get you to go with me sometime." He said still smiling.

I scoff. "Whatever, lets just get to work, Lover boy."


"How was school." Mom asks me at dinner.

I swallow my food in my mouth and look up at her. "It was okay."

She licks her lips. "Any cute boys?"

"Honey, don't get started with this again." Dad tells her, putting down his fork and giving her a stern look.

Mom glares at Dad, not even caring about his stern look. "Why not? She needs to get a boyfriend. When I was her age I had a new boyfriend almost every week. How many has she had?"

Dad sets his cup down a little to hard on the table. "Every night I hear this. 'She needs a boyfriend' 'She looks like a nerd' And I am tired of hearing it!"

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