Chapter Two

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Chapter Two

Jack and I hide behind a wooden statue until all the soldiers have moved passed us. Coming out from our hiding place Jack stops short has men in red run passed down another street. He ducks inside a building full of gears and swords.

    “Oh lovely. A blacksmith.” I mutter as I close the door. Jack grabs a pickaxe holding it out to me. I raise my eyebrow. A bottle clatters to the floor somewhere in the smithies shop. Jack walks toward a man wearing a leather floor length apron, asleep in a chair. Jack pokes the man trying to wake him up. I lean against one of the tall wooden posts holding up the ceiling. My blue eyes scan the shop with distaste. Jack shouts at the man. Nothing happens. I laugh trying to put on a stern face.

“Shh! Jack someone could hear you!” I say trying very hard to hold in giggles. Jack walks over to an anvil placing the chain holding his hands together on the stone. He then tries to use the pickaxe to break the chain to no avail. Jack eyes the gears over head in thought. I watch as Jack takes a hot iron touching it to the poor donkeys backside. I wince as the donkey brays and starts moving. Jack throws the chain onto the largest gear moving with it was it circles around. The chain breaks as door begins to open. Jack runs and hides while I look around frantically. Ok so we don’t exactly work well together but hey! He got me out of boarding school. I jump grabbing one of the rafters above my head silently pulling myself up as the door opens. I almost gasp in surprise as Will Turner walks through the door. He looks around jumping to stop the donkey. He takes off his coat walking over to his snoring master.

“Right where I left you.” He scoffs. He stares at the pickaxe Jack left on the anvil. “Not where I left you.” He mutter to himself. He looks at Jack’s hat where it laying discarded. I metally smack Jack upside the head. How could he be so stupid! Will reachs for Jack’s hat as Jack slaps his sword down onto the outstretched hand. I lower myself down behind Will, drawing my sword. Will looks at Jack and begins backing away. Jack advances holding his sword to Will’s throat. I move to stand beside Jack.

“Isabella?” Will asks making eye contact with me.

    “Actually it’s Bella Rose.” Jack informs him as I roll my eyes.

“You’re the one’s their hunting.” Will states. “The pirates.”

“You seem familiar. Have I threatened you before?” Jack asks studying Will.

“I make a point of avoiding familiarity with pirates.” Will tells Jack scorn dripping from his words.

“Ah.” Jack says. “Then it would be a shame to put a black mark on your record. So if you’ll excuse us.” Jack turns his back to Will to grab his hat. Will grabs a sword pointing it at Jack before I can say a thing. “Do you think this wise boy?” Jack asks turning around as I step between Jack and Will. “Crossing blades with a pirate?” Jack finishes from behind me.

“If you want Jack you have to go through me.” I tell Will narrowing my eyes.

“You threatened Miss Swann.” Will raises his blade. I scoff.

“Miss Swann,” I stress those words “was not hurt!”

“You threatened her none the less.” Will’s eyes narrow.

“Only a little.” Jack calls out as I close my eyes and take a deep breath through my nose. I raise my sword to meet Will’s. I move in swinging my sword. Will blocks with ease. I try again and Will blocks swiping his sword aiming for my throat. Will moves forward and I block his thrusts.

“You know what you’re doing, I’ll give you that. Excellent form.” Jack praises him as I roll my eyes. “But how’s your footwork? If she steps there…” I step to my left and Will steps to his right. “Very good.” Jack comments. “And now she steps again.” I move around Will until I’m on the other side of him. I shift forward with a thrust. “Ta.” Jack walks toward the door. I back away never taking my eyes off Will. Will suddenly throws his sword barely missing Jack’s face. I narrow my eyes at Will again. Jack stops the sword from moving side to side. He then tries to free the sword from the wood. “That is a wonderful trick.” Jack says sarcasm ringing clear in his words at he walks toward Will. “Except once again, you are between us and our way out. And now, you have no weapon.” Jack says as he draws his sword. Will grabs one of the swords sitting in the fire. The end glows bright orange. The donkey brays and starts walking. Jack runs to the left and Will stops him. They begin fighting as I put my sword in its sheath and take an apple from the pouch at my hip. I breath on it and rub the warmth away with my sleeve leaning against one of the poles, I take a bite. Jack shifts back and Will follows. Jack uses his chains to his advantage using them to throw Wills sword across the shop. Will dives toward the wheel behind me. Will grabs another sword as I take another bite of the apple. “Who makes all these?!” Jack asks looking around.

“I do!” Will informs Jack. “And I practice with them three hours a day.” I raise my eyebrow taking another bite of the apple.

“You need to find yourself a girl mate.” Jack says swiping at Will’s head. Will ducks, coming up with a thrust.

“Or perhaps the reason he practices three hours a day is that he’s found one and is otherwise incapable of wooing said strumpet.” I joke taking a bite. Jack makes a face.

“You’re not a eunuch are you?”

“I practice three hours a day, so that when I meet a pirate I can kill him.” Will says. I wince.

“That hurts mate.” I mutter taking another bite. Jack and Will move back onto a wagon like thing. It comes loose from whatever is holding it. It rolls out slightly with Jack on one end and Will on the other. They continue fighting none the less. Will catches one of Jack’s chains with his sword before thrusting the sword into the ceiling board. Jack swipes his other sword a couple of times trying to fend off Will. Jack stomps his foot down onto a loose board hitting Will in the chin sending him backwards. I bite into the apple as Jack slowly raises his feet to the board and ties to free himself. Will stands moving toward Jack as he finally frees himself sending Will into the rafters. Jack smiles at me until Will uses his sword to cut something from the rafters. The force sends Jack into the rafters as well. I bite into the apple as Jack and Will hop from rafter to rafter twice. Jack hops back to the one Will stands on a silly grin on his face. Will stays put and the smile falls from Jack’s face. They fight in the rafter until Will sends Jack’s other sword flying. Jack makes a face jumps down onto the stove...looking thing. He grabs a bag full of dirt pointing it at Will. The dirt flying into Will’s face blinding him. Jack kicks Will’s sword grabbing his pistol pointing it at Will. I finish my apple, toss it away and come to stand beside Jack.

“You cheated!” Will accuses Jack.

“Pirate.” Jack reminds Will as a grin slips onto my face. The sound of grunting and shoulders being shoved against the door cause the grin to slip from my face.

“Jack…” I warn. Will moves in front of the other door.

“Move away!” Jack warns Will.

“No!” Will shakes his head.

“Please move!” Jack begs.

“No!” Will practically shouts. “I cannot just step aside and let you escape.” Jack cocks the gun. I gape at him surprised. Jack never uses that gun!

“This shot is not meant for you.” Jack tells Will. Glass shatter on Jack's head and he falls to the ground. I watch him fall and open my mouth to speak when something hits the back of my head and my world goes black.

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