Chapter One

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Chapter One

Miss! Miss Isabella! Wake up! You must wake up!” Someone shakes my shoulder causing my head to bounce even more than it had against the side of the carriage.

“Yes, Penny. I’m up.” I notice the sleeve of my right arm has ridden up and I hastily pull it back down. The carriage lurches to a stop in front of Daddy’s house in Port Royal. The couchman opens the door helping me out. Penny knocks on the door. The butler opens it shortly after. I step out of the morning sun and into the shade of the house. Daddy stands talking to a man with dark curly hair dressed in almost entirely in brown. “Daddy!” I smile broadly as I glide across the floor to my Father.

“Ah. Isabella. You look lovely.” I glance down at my pale pink dress with small flowers on it.

“Thank you.” I look at the man he was talking with. He looks vaguely familiar. “Do I know you?” I ask as Daddy sighs.

“Isabella.” He says my name with warning. Oh right...manners. “This is William Turner.”

“Will! Is that really you!?” I exclaim. “I hardly recognize you!”

“It’s nice to see you again Miss Swann.” Will nods his head. I notice the sword that has been discarded on the table. It’s a really beauty. I should know.

“Did you make that?” I ask him as my sister Elizabeth started to descend the stairs.

“Elizabeth. You look absolutely stunning.” I glance down at the floor. Elizabeth is wearing a pale yellowish dress, with her hair piled high on her head. I can’t help but feel slightly inferior. The dress I wear is about a year old while Elizabeth’s looks new. Her hair is artfully styled whereas mine is pulled into a braided bun that sits on the right side of my head by my hair line. It’s better for travel then artful meter high styles my sister wears. That and Daddy always seemed to like her best. Elizabeth was never sent to boarding school. I feel a gaze upon me and look up to see Will looking away toward Elizabeth.

“Will!” Elizabeth gasps rushing down the stairs. “It’s so good to see you!” She stops leaning toward Will. “I had a dream about you last night.”

“About me?” Will questions glancing at me before settling on Elizabeth.

“It that proper for you…” Daddy starts only to be interrupted.

“About the day we met. Do you remember?” Elizabeth rushes over Daddy’s words.

“How could I forget Miss Swan.” Will smiles slightly.

“Will, how many times must I ask you to call me Elizabeth.”

“At least once more Miss Swann. As always.” I notice Elizabeth scoff silently.

“There. See?” Daddy points out. “At least the boy has a sense of propriety. Now, we really must be going.”

“Good day Mr. Turner.” Elizabeth says coldly before walking out.

“Come along.” Daddy reminds me.

“Good day Will. It was wonderful to see you again.” I smile kindly at him squeezing his hand then turning to leave. His hands a rough, but that doesn’t bother me. I can tell by his slight intake of breath as he notices my hands are as rough as his.

“Good day Miss Swann.” He tells me. As I walk out the door I hear his say, “Good day...Elizabeth.” I almost raise my eyebrow as I climb into the coach. Elizabeth looks out the window at Will as we ride away before turning to me.

“Isabella. It’s good to see you.” Elizabeth says indifferently.

“As is you. How have you been?” I smile at her.

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