Day-199 (Crescendo)

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              Noun or adverb or adjective(depending on usage).

              A gradual increase in the loudness of sound or section of music: the highest or loudest point of something that increases gradually.

1) Each time the key changes, the beats gradually rise to a crescendo(noun usage).
2) Relunctant cheers began to crescendo(adverb usage).
3) I looked up, marvelling at the crescendo skies(adjective usage).

             Late 18th century: Italian, present participle of crescere which means 'to increase', from Latin crescere meaning 'grow'.

First use:

                acme, apex, climax, height, crest

                 bottom, nadir, rock bottom.

Antonyms:                 bottom, nadir, rock bottom

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~The problem with books is that they end.~
(Caroline Kepnes)

It's time to say farewell to this lovely book of wisdom. We hope that it proved as beneficial for you as it proved for us. I pay my regards to all the people who read and voted on this book. We were really happy to serve you. ❤
I'd also love to thank our admin Mahnoor mszame for helping with this book and bringing it to a farewell note. Without her, it won't be the same. :')❤
However, no need to be sad since she'll be helping with 'PsyPhiLit Magic' on vocabulations so keep an eye on that. We hope that it proves as good as 'Word of the Day'.

Lots of love and best wishes,
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