“Blood Bound”

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Chapter 27

     Isabella peered out into the darkness while she patiently waited for Marko at the top of the bell tower.  She glanced at the delicate watch she wore on her wrist just in time to see the second hand pass over the twelve, indicating it was now midnight. 

     Raising her head up, she breathed the night air in deeply.  She was anxious for this meeting.  All day long, she had schemed and planned on the most effective way to rid her of her little problem.  Marko had been a long time friend of her beloved Alfred so it didn’t surprise her at all when he caught up with her in the hallway and said that he wanted to meet with her.

     “Isabella, may I say that you look absolutely ravishing tonight.”

     She spun around, shocked that she hadn’t heard his arrival,  She instantly covered her shock and in turn, gifted him with a saccharine sweet smile.  “Marko,” she embodied, “You always were one to compliment the ladies.”  She stepped away from the wall and Marko noticed how the light of the moon haloed her shadow beautifully, making her look that much more regal.  She eyed Marko up and down with a distinct air of feminine appreciativeness. “And may I say that you’re not looking so bad yourself.”

     Marko stepped forward and grabbed Isabella’s hand.  Slowly he brought it up to his lips and with his eyes fixated on hers; he gallantly kissed her knuckles, letting his lips linger a little longer than any respectable vampire would.  His inky black orbs shimmered with unbridled lust that didn’t at all go unnoticed by Isabella.  She lowered her lashes half mast and sensually outlined her bottom lip with the tip of her tongue.     

     Straightening his spine, Marko reluctantly released Isabella’s hand and masked his desire.  “Shall we get down to business Ms. Risso?”

     “Yes Marko, business,” she all but purred.  “That is what we are here for after all.”  Isabella folded her hands in front of her.  “I’m going to be blunt with you dear friend.  I want this Shelby Tanner exterminated.  Prophecy or not, this girl can not be allowed to live.  I will not have some human turned slut as my son’s Bride.”

     “He chose her, did he not?” Marko kindly pointed out.

     Isabella casually waved her hand at him and blew the statement off.  “Leo is simply blinded right now.  That thing has enchanted him somehow.  She’s after his money and his power and I’ll be damned if I’m going to allow the little chit to get any of it.  He belongs with Tatiana.  She is in his social circle and will make a more than suitable life partner for him.”

     Isabella was on a roll now.  All day long she had stewed about this.  Marko was her last real chance at garnering support to handle Shelby once and for all and she didn’t want to mess this up.  She started to pace the length of the tower and continued to press her reasoning’s.  “But then there is this prophecy business.  At first I thought that my son’s servant was crazy, but the more I thought about it, the more it made sense.  If she is the one the prophecy speaks of, then she could be the one to alter my husband’s plans;” Isabella stopped her pacing and turned to him, nailing him with her stare.  “Your plans Marko,” she said pointedly.  “The very same plans that the Council has been working on for the last half a century.  You and I both know that we are far more superior to those measly humans.  We should be the ones to run this world, not them.  They should be made as our slaves. That’s all they are really good for, well that and dinner of course.  So, do you see now Marko, why she shouldn’t just be held and questioned?  Questioning incites doubt and if there is any doubt, nothing will ever be done.  We can’t chance it Marko; too much rides on the existence or rather, non-existence of this one stupid little girl.  There is only one viable answer to this problem- Shelby Tanner must die!”

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