Chapter 1: The Village Hidden in The Leaves

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The first thing I noticed when I reached the gate.... it was massive! The gate was probably opened automatically, otherwise, I'll need a LOT of help.

I remembered something when I was younger:


"Mommy, is that where I'll be training next?" I said, tugging my mother's dress.

"Yes, this is....."

*End of Flashback*

"..The Village Hidden in the Leaves." I said, smiling. I walked up to the gate, and kicked it with all my strength.

"HYAA!!" I yelled as I kicked. The gate opened with a loud BANG!

Two men that were probably guards, looked at me, alarmed. One of them pointed at me yelling:

"INTRUDER!! GET HIM!!" What?! I was just trying to get in!

Many Anbu appeared, using teleportation to appear.

I readied myself for battle, and went into a Dragon stance.

"White Dragon Style." I said.

Three Anbu charged at me from my left, and began pushing me into two other Anbu, holding a net.

I gritted my teeth, and said "White Dragon's Claw!" And used my right hand, scratching them. My hands ripped through their clothing, slashing them. They fell to the ground, screaming in agony. I looked at them. Steam rose from their wounds.

Burn marks?

There were burn marks on the slash marks. How did I do that? As this thought ran through my head, one of the Anbu grabbed me by putting their arms under my armpits, and wrapping them around mt shoulder.

While this was happening, three different people passed by.

The first I notced was the man with long white hair. He looked like he was in his mid 60's. He had two red stripes from his lower eyelids, going down his cheek.

The next was a boy with blue eyes and spiky blonde hair. He was wearing a blue headband.

The next was a boy, or I think it was a girl, considering he/she had wider eyes than the boy, and her shoulders were less broad.


She had short brown hair, and brown eyes. I think I've met her...... !!!


"Come catch me if you can! Haha!" Ra called as we played a game of tag.

"I'm gonna getcha!"

*End of Flashback*

That's right. I met this girl when I was younger. Before I had to move again.

She looked at me oddly, making a face that said 'Why are you staring at me?'

Before I could say anything, one of the Anbu hit the back of my head, knocking me out.

4 hours later.....

???'s POV

Ugh... I feel horrible... my body aches, and my head feels like someone put a pot on my head and hit it hundreds of times over and over....

*Knock! Knock!*

"Hey, prisoner! Here's your meal." A man said, sliding a plate of food, through a slot in the metal door that keeps me in this cold, damp cell.

I take the plate saying: "Thank you very much."

The guard nods, and closes the slot, blocking the only light in this room.