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Interview number five:

Author; elenamoreno25

Author of; The men in Uniform series, Shanuk Pack series, Fun house series, PI Series, Men of Sports series, Holiday series and more!

1.What/Who inspres you to write?

It is my husband since every male lead has part of him in it.. I’m not telling you which part either (WINK)

2.Where do you get your idea's from?

My believe that there exists that almost perfect man. The one that says the right things, and does the right things. He makes you happy to wake up next to him each morning. He also makes you want to wring his neck once in a while too. Because mean, who wants 100% perfect.

3.Favourite author. On and off Wattpad.

This is a very hard one to answer beause there are many I follow.

@nikayaya Is A very epitome of soul in her writing, she gets me...

@Christinage1227 has some very steamy yet sweet stories.

@Rikolah has story lines that suck you in, along with the steam to go with it.

@ShazzaWazza Delivers pure HOT

@Lovely_Sunshine is my baby girl and her stories are like her. Unexpectedly sexy... and im sure she blushes when she writes.

@hotnwild has me yelling trying to figure out what will happen next, love it.

@shakespear169 has poems and more thinking pieces. But a phenomenal writer he is for sure...

@ItaIRT4u is plain hot and steamy

@Mandas58008 has good stories

@Violetdawn has a scorcher...

@AngusEcrivain is a good source for cool Sci-Fi and he has poetry also.

Last but not least @JackGallow as i called him when I discovered him. He is a wicked masocistic man.. so worth a peek at his books.

This is a few favourites i could not pick one.....

Now off Wattpad, everyone must read Lorelei James. She has a series called ROUGH RIDERS that will burn the eye brows. I have everything she has written and would kill you if you tried to take one of my books. What can i say, there very good.

4.Opinion on Rated-R books not in Watty Awards.

I say not fair. There are many of us  age challenged people on here that like to read something steamy once in a while. Provided it’s in good taste and a sweet read. There are also a lot more writing them. Only fair we get to have a category for them also....

5.Would you ever publish your books?

I would love to publish my books. Don’t mind saying, I think they are good enough to be published. Once they all get edited that is (Smirks) I will look into it.

6.If you only had a month to live, what would you do?

I would travel the world with my family. Sharing with them all the things I wanted to be when I had the time. We all say, “I want to do (insert here) before I die.” So I guess I would do my bucket list……You’re not old enough to know what some of those things are so let’s leave it at that…(she smiles wickedly as she types)

Me; I may be young (19years young!) but trust me, I understand *winks*

7.Favourite song?

Believe it or not while looking for the perfect Song for one of my werewolf stories. I came across John Denver. He wrote a song for his wife called ANNIE’S SONG. It is the epitome of what I consider my almost perfect man singing to me. When I’m sad it makes me cry. When I’m happy it makes me feel warm inside when I listen to it.

8. Why did you decide to write for a mature audience?

I actually write PG13 romance. I only did THE FUNHOUSE series for my girls at the Non Teen club. Some are the characters in the story. I had no idea I would be that good at it (Smirk). That brought out the other more mature audience book. So I guess you can say, I was roped into it……

9. Ive seen alot of 15/16 year olds reading/writing Rated-R stuff. Do you think that is a appropriate age, why?

Honestly I would say no. Only because I have a daughter who is 12 years old and I would hate to have her read any of the rated R books. On another note I think that to truly write a killer love/making love book. You need to have experienced it to really truly get it. For example it’s no secret I love my man candy. Yet when what we all figured was a young girl read a story that a friend of mine here wrote. She commented. That she liked the story but why did she have to have those pictures on the chapter. (This is me paraphrasing)

I was like holly craps are you kidding. I need to see Adam..... And if you think the guys should not be on there. She was not old enough to read the story. Plus it is not even Rated-R

Plus that was why my story The Dungeon relocated to another profile. I didn't want to be responsible for the younglings that do read it….

10.Anything you would change/ add/ remove from Wattpad if you could?

No i think they do a killer job on here. I love this site. So it’s all good when I have had issues. I send them a message and they fix and reply promptly. So they rock…

11.If you could go anywhere in the world where would you go and why?

I have always wanted to go to the Galapagos Islands. I wanted to be a Marine Biologist and there is a lot of marine life there. Plus I love Iguanas and they are all over the island. I'm trying to talk my husband into buying me one as a pet (fingers crossed)

12. Favourite TV programme/Film?

TV programme has to be THE BIG BANG THEORY if you watch it. You know why. (sheldon)

It is so funny; I noticed that people must watch more than one episode to get it. But once you get the humor, your hooked.

As for film i love (It's a Wonderful life..)

I love Jimmy Stewart and this film always makes me cry when I see it. The look of horror on his face when he realizes he got his wish and will never see his wife and kids. That everything just fell to pieces because he was never born was so real. You just have to see it if you haven’t yet.

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