Chapter 18

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"This is probably the worst thing I had ever done in my life. I'm going to tell you everything now. Before I was CEO, I am just one of the directors and my father was the face of the company as the current CEO, while my grandfather before he died, he was the Chairman. My grandfather was a greedy man and as so as my father. There are a lot of bad things they did in the past I cannot even imagine. I've always thought that maybe greediness runs in the family. It's in my blood, in my flesh.

I'm not making my life story here. I'm just stating the fact that I was afraid that I might become like them too. But you know what?" he chuckled, "I did become like that. How do you think I get all those information?"

Damn, then my intuition was right. He was a part of them. I continued to watch.

"I never wanted to become the CEO, when I was a director. I was enjoying every bit of my freedom. I never wanted to become like Dad or my grandfather. I am just enjoying the money, everything I could get through it. I had all the privileges of being the first born and the successor to the position. Every time they were bringing up that it's going to be mine one day? I just wanted to escape. I didn't like huge responsibilities like that.

Two years before my appointment, I joined a secret group to which all of the members have been meeting up behind the upper management. My father and my grandfather didn't know about this secret group. They—uh—we had this other business which we can access every resource. At first, their vision was to help the employees have their right benefits, to help their family and give help to those who in need. They have recruited me because of my connection. Simply because I am the owner's grandson. I helped them because I believed in them. It was illegal but I knew that they were doing it for good. For the first time in my life, I found my purpose. I wanted to help people using everything that I have, but one day... Everything just fell apart."

The video stopped. I clicked on the next video. It was day three when he filmed the next one.

"Hello again. For the continuation, I am going to start with a quote.

'There are people who only do something good on the outside, but little did they know, it is just a mask for wicked people, so they could continue doing many evil things.'

I found out their secret. They just used me so that they could have an access to the company's assets. They were corrupting it and it is all my fault. But you know what? There are people who are even greedier. People who could kill a person for money, for power. I found out that my uncle, my grandfather's bastard son, Lucas Sloan, was the secret leader of that secret group. It didn't make any sense.

They were killing source on the inside, while people think that we were a great example, an inspiration to the people. My uncle was using the company to get slash funds for his illegal business. He is a drug lord. At first, I gained his trust so he would trust me back. He thinks I was his favorite nephew.

He purchases everything with help of his minions in sucking out the life of the company. My father never knew; it was just me. He never knew because I was the one who's covering their tracks, I was the keeper the original documents. On my hard disk, you will find every record. The list of names was the list of the former and current directors who became a part of this madness.

I couldn't take it anymore. I wouldn't be able to correct every mistake that I did if I was only a director. When my grandfather died of heart attack, my father became the Chairman and then I took the position I never wanted to have. It was my only way. Now that you know about my life, I hope you will not stop helping me stop them. I am doing everything in my power to stop them, but it is hard. One of them is responsible for the death threats. And if I am not able to succeed, I am sorry if I have to pass my problem to you. In the next video, it was another message but don't open it until you didn't find the records I am talking about."

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