Chapter 25

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Don't hate me ya crazies


Alcohol is dangerous. It makes people say and do stupid things

We didn't kiss at the park.

Camila was a bit tipsy and asked me to drive and I was more sober so I drove us back to her parents house and figured I'd just crash at my parents

But once I dropped her off on her front door that's when she didnt hold back. She took a bold move and grabbed me by the neck and smashed our lips together.

Our kiss was light at first. But then she took control. She started to move her lips against mine and I did the same. She tried pushing her tongue in but I didn't accept it which frustrated her so she pulled my hair a little making me yelp and she got what she wanted

She stopped kissing me and turned around to open the front door and grabbed me by the collar of my shirt and dragged me in

Once she closed the door she attacked my lips again and pressed me against the wall

I turned us around and started to kiss her neck. Sucking on it causing her to let out a moan probably leaving a mark. I pulled away and came to my thoughts

"Wait wait your family" I whispered

"They're gone until 11:30, they're visiting my grandma" she said then placed her lips over mine again

She slowly started leading me towards the stairs and step by step I felt my nerves kick in

Camila opened the door to her bedroom and led us in

I got more confident and grabbed her face and kissed her this time

I wasn't even thinking. I just let my body take over. 

She started moving us and pushed me down on the bed and ended up straddling me. I placed my hands on her hips and started slightly grabbing her and touching the skin under her shirt

I traced my lips down her jaw to her neck and started to suck on her sweet spot causing her to moan

She began to grind her hips on top of me. She brought my lips back to hers to kiss her again

"I missed your touch so much" she said and kissed me again

I got up and I laid her down on the bed and hovered over her. She rushed to take my shirt off. Which I let her then she tried to unbutton my pants but I grabbed her arms and pinned them over her head 

I went down to kiss her lips. She kissed back. She grabbed my head harshly and kissed me so passionately. My head was spinning
I went to her ear and sucked just below it.

I saw her bite her lip and she let out a little moan. I started kissing her neck again. I bit down probably leaving a mark on her.

I brought my hands down to the hem of her shirt and lifted it up. She got up a little to remove it and I pushed her back down on the mattress.

I kissed down her collarbone down to her chest. I unclasped her bra and threw it somewhere. I immediately attached my mouth to one of her breasts and started to suck on it harshly. She tangled her fingers into my hair and moaned "Y/n"

I grabbed the other one and squeezed it. I looked up to see her with eyes closed and she was smirking while biting her lip. She was enjoying this so much.

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